all races.” Make the rounds at the fol-

lowing, Sonoma County Open Mics as a performer or as an audience member. Every Monday

(except the first one of the month) Red- wood Cafe, in Cotati has a new format for their All Ages Open Mic co-hosted by DJ Loisaida and Andre de Channes. Youth and teen musicians are encouraged to sign-up in advance at redwoodcafepresents@gmail. com to reserve a spot. School age musicians will perform up un- til 7:30pm. Te in-person sign- ups start at 6pm with the Open Mic taking place until 10pm. Instrumental accompaniment on guitar or bass is provided by de Channes for any participants who want it. Host, Greg “Ceni”Ceniceroz

SONOMA COUNTY, CA. ~ Calling All Musicians to the Open Mics in Sonoma County! Whether you are a professional musician wanting to work out some songs in front of a live audi- ence or, you are an aspiring artist who plays music for fun, a great place to perform is at the various weekly Open Mics. Chronicles of Harriet, author, Balogun Ojetade postulates on the history of the Open Mic. His blog states they “started during the 1930s, when a group of young black students and scholars, primarily hailing from France’s colonies and terri- tories, assembled in Paris. Tere, they were introduced to the writ- ers of the Harlem Renaissance by the author Paulette Nardal, and

“Whatever you did today is enough. Whatever you felt today is valid. What- ever you thought today isn’t to be judged. Repeat

the above each day.” Brittany Burgunder

her sister Jane, both natives of Martinique and university stu- dents in Paris.” Ojetade’s blog continues, “the Open Mic for- mat of the Clamart Salon influ- enced the authors and poets of Harlem, as well as the writers from the later Beat Generation of New York and San Francisco and thus, the Open Mic event became a staple in the artistic diet among American poets, writers, musicians and artists of

says of the Open Mic at Hop- monk Sebastopol, “I’ve been able to come into contact and form friendships with so many talent- ed musicians from this rich and vibrant community. My favorite aspect of the Tuesday events is being able to showcase a head- liner act, which gets 30 minutes in the middle of the evening. Quite rewarding! Not only are the musicians talented but they are so grateful and appreciative of my efforts to get them going

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • April 2018 • 17

Musical Notes in Sonoma County Open Mic’s For All!

Weird Facts & Trivia - 4 by Shekeyna Black •

as professionals. Stage practice is a very important aspect.” Te Open Mic kicks off at 7:30pm on stage in Te Abbey. Ceni adds, “We are truly blessed with top- quality music


in Sonoma County and I now get to pro- mote many of them at Hopmonk through my ‘Best Of Open Mic’

nights which

happen quarterly.” Isabelle Garson

and Colton Silvers host Tuesday Open Mic at Brew in Santa

Rosa from 7-9pm. Wednesdays are busy Open Mic nights, as follows; Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa at 7:30pm and in the southern part of the county, Ray’s Tavern and Deli in Peta- luma from 6-9pm and Jamison’s Roaring Donkey in Petaluma at 9pm. Get your creative juices flowing at these free Open Mics.

California’s vineyards were less than 100,000 acres before Prohibition, and by the end of Prohibition had expanded to over 600,000 acres!

Before the 17th century ale referred to beer brewed without the addition of hops. Today the term ‘ale’ has a much less precise usage and may refer to beer made with unroasted malt, beer with milder hops flavor or beer made with quickly fermented hops, etc.

Lager beer is the dominant beer style throughout the brewing world today, except in England. Ale is the primary style of beer consumed in England.

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