by: Zak Zaikine~ • Editors: Karin O’Keefe-Sack and Melanee Reynolds

Sebastopol, CA. ~ Happy ver- nal Equinox everyone! As we celebrate our new astrological year, we experience

the in-

tense event of being born. We are renewing our intentions. The fiery arrival of spring (here in the Northern hemisphere) and experiencing


unfolding on all levels, right here, right now- Aries! your own continu- ous rebirth , which is almost uncon- scious, seems to

be continu- ously unfolding throughout

your life.

always fresh approach to most situations.

your glyph

Each discovery informs your Like

the nimble ram, you can catch yourself before really fall- ing off the cliff much to the surprise of fellow onlookers. Sometimes though, you do go to the extremes. As a result, it might take a bit longer to right yourself. But right you do. It’s in your nature, Aries. You are the vital impulse of the zodiac- the germ of implicit desire with in the seed. You persevere and before you know it you are on the top of your game again. Ta-dah SPRING! Young blos-

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ To ex- plore

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culture, culi-

nary arts, Freya Lodge Sons of Norway in Santa Rosa is a great resource. Their website,, has in- formation

about upcoming

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“At some point, you just gotta forgive the past, your happiness hinges on it.” ~ Aaron Lauritsen UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • April 2018 • 31

soms dance and shimmer ev- erywhere on trees and bushes. The hummingbirds search for nectar and the bees get ready to pollinate. I prepare to wel- come another bird-family into the

little house that hangs on my porch. Since putting up this structure I have had

at least

twelve families call it home- a little


center. So, if my math is right 36- pint sized bird creatures

birth- ing and growing

within earshot ignites my in- stincts and I participate in that old-as-hills custom: I provide, I offer, I witness I - I midwife. And in my own personal narra- tive- I was just that, delivering my second daughter 40 years ago, Still a huge HUGE! wow! Wow…

Ahh, the wonderful thing about the zodiac is that it keeps on moving. So, now, in the third week of our April-showers month, Taurus, the gentle bull, mosies in to further fertilize the earth, helping in the up-keep of our home. I would say that Taurus can be stoic like Cap- ricorn. However, I think, the

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reserve is more expressive of a love and respect for stability; a gardener’s commitment to their project, idea and or profession. There is a certain innate beauty and elegance to Taurus, not un- like sister Librans; Venus Be- ing the ruler of both signs. Be- ing earthbound though, Taurus takes - her- own-sweet-time- knowing with deepest confi- dence that babies gestate, trees grow - a promise is a promise and with steady slow resolve they spin the not-yet into form. I promised a

bit more this

month about learning the ways of astrology. We are always go- ing from an inner to an outer experience when looking at the chart. A good place to start then is on the cusp of the first house with the rising sign. This is de- termined not only by the day, month, year and location but ... continued on back page

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • April 2018 • 31 ALOHA Weird Facts & Trivia - 8 ... continued from page 26

as being something separate from themselves because na- ture was their reality. [Thanks to writer Curby Rule, “The Deeper Meaning of Aloha”.] So, for our month of hon- oring the earth, Gaia, and all who call it home, I hope we can keep our hearts open, in a word, for Ahoha. Shining deLight,


Did you know that it’s possible to get married inside a doughnut shop in Portland?

There are around 181 places in Paris where you can get espresso coffee.

It took around 666 years to build the great Louvre.

“The freedom of the open road is seductive,

serendipitous and absolutely liberating.” Aaron Lauritsen

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