UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • April 2018 • 27 MATSURI! JAPANESE ARTS FESTIVAL arrives May 6, 2018!

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ Mat- suri! Japanese Arts Festival will return to Juilliard Park and the SOFA Arts District of downtown Santa Rosa on Sunday, May 6, from 11am to 5pm. Celebrating

its ninth

year, Matsuri! has be- come one of the signa- ture cultural


in the North Bay. The event is organized by Sonoma County Mat- suri, whose mission is to offer deep insights into

Japanese culture

by providing a forum for Bay Area artisans, artists, and performers of Japanese traditional arts to showcase their talents.

Performances and demon-

strations at the admission-free, family-friendly Japanese festi- val will take place throughout the day in Juilliard Park and will feature taiko drumming,

and more. Back by popular demand, there will also be a children’s activity booth and mochitsuki—the pounding of sweet rice into cakes using a wooden mallet. Complement-

traditional Japanese dance

and music, martial arts dem- onstrations, Kyogen theater performance, Tea Ceremony,

ing the festivities and perfor- mances will be a variety of ex- hibitors and vendors featuring Japanese arts, crafts, and food. Matsuri! Japanese Arts Fes- tival

is partially

through the City of Santa Rosa’s Community

funded Pro-

motions Funds. Additional sponsors include the Julia L. Grant Donor Advised Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma

County, Sonoma

County Japanese American Citizens League, Exchange Bank Sebastopol, and many other supporters.

All proceeds from the raf-

fl e held at the event will go to

the Matsuri Scholarship Fund, which supports indi- viduals and organizations in Sonoma County who study

or teach Japanese culture in the community. “This will be our ninth year to hold Matsuri, and we’re thrilled that the festival continues to grow year after year thanks to the generosity

and strong support of our spon- sors and the entire community. We are honored to have the op- portunity to contribute to the cultural richness and diversity of Sonoma County by show- casing authentic Japanese arts, music, theater, and entertain- ment,” says Henry Kaku, So- noma County Matsuri Board President.

As a prelude to the festival, Sonoma County Matsuri will offer

a special shakuhachi

concert by Grand Master Ri- ley Lee from Australia and lo- cal musician Elliot Kallen on Saturday, May 5, at 7pm. The performance will be held at the Church of One Tree in Santa Rosa. Tickets are $15 advance sale and $20 at the door. For more information about Matsuri! Japanese Arts Festival and the pre-festival concert, please visit www.sonomamat- or www.facebook. com/sonomamatsuri/ or email

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Washing dishes can be very draining. ~

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Labor contracts come just before childbirth.

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • April 2018 • 27

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