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of coffee and a hint of choco- late but not too heavy, so it will go well with a taco or burger. It is low in bittering and easy drinking with an ABV of 5%. One sip and you can see why it has won People’s choice at so many beer fests over the years. Another staple is Moonlight is Real- ity Czeck. This is a Czech- style Pil- sner with light straw color and 4.9% abv. The water used for this brew- ing is de- ionized.

essential in brewing.

Water is Happy

water makes for happy yeast. If you add balanced and flavor- ful wort, then brace yourself for a Reality Czech! Brewing is an art of time and temperature. A balance of the proper amount of gravity, hops, blending of the right malts and matching the perfect lager yeast helps to create a pilsner that fits the style. This pilsner is true to its style; clean, crisp and refresh-

Misspent Youth is a dry pale

ale. So well balanced that the yeast eats every bit of sugar leaving a dry pale ale that is highly carbonated


a bitterness that leaves flavors of fresh oranges and fragrance of laven- der. Weighing in at 5.5% ABV this Pale Ale is true to the name, pale in color and refreshing and youth- ful. This is another exam- ple of brewing to style.

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adding a rich toast character to the flavor and giving the beer a rich amber color. At 6% ABV this makes for a perfect beer to toast in the New Year. The style is a slightly burnt lager. Its use of toasted malts to enhance flavors and ag- ing for 11 months makes this one worth the wait. If you find it on tap, or- der a pint!! It could be awhile before you will see it again.


your growler and go re-connect to your inner youth. Wee-Nibble is a Petite Saison with a 4.8% ABV.

If you are a It

pours clean and crisp. Brewed with a Saison yeast, having the flavor of banana bread. It is sweet and fruity.

Belgian fan, this is your beer. The name came from a visit- ing intern brewer from New Zealand that would often reply to an offer for a beer “I’ll just have wee-nibble”. This Saison is perfect for Sonoma County Summer afternoon.

The day I was sampling the

taproom, Brian had one of his seasonal Lagers, Toast. This is a Lager they brew every Janu- ary and age for 11 months and release just after Christmas. I was told they were on their last keg, so this one might not be on tap again till next Christmas. The grains are lightly toasted

Brian has built his brew- ery from the ground up. Like a great ale and lager, it takes time for beer and breweries to build their own personali- ties, and at Moonlight, you are sure to find one that fits your style. Now with Moonlight’s new taproom there is no better place to enjoy fresh, live, beer.

To find where his handles are be- ing tapped in other locales, check out his web site at

JOKES & Humor # 7 My mother was rushed to

the hospital following a seri- ous tumble. There the staff placed a band around her wrist with large letters warn- ing: Fall Risk.

Unimpressed, Mom said to me, “I’ll have them know I’m a winter, spring, and summer risk too.”

“Gratitude is a

powerful catalyst for happiness.

It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” Amy Collette

Loki Loves the Toy Selection at Western Farm Center!

Loki is mix of Lab and German Short Hair He comes in with his owner from Santa Rosa regularly because the service is personal and the selection is always awesome! Loki arrived in California when he was 8 weeks old. Loki also likes to sing along with harmonica or any acoustic instrument and loves to fetch any toy!

Western Farm Center (707) 545-0721

21 West 7th Street • Santa Rosa “Don’t live off your past successes or failures, live for the next big pursuit.” ~ Aaron Lauritsen

Since 1967 we’ve been the favorite place to shop for your pets & farm animals!

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