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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Bouncing back from disaster is no mean feat. Sometimes we just learn to roll with the punch- es. Other times we get knocked out. An errant tee shot flies out of bounds next thing we know the wheels come off the bus. Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt before the show, then got mugged for that same shirt after

the show.

Sometimes we feel as though staying home and reading a book might have been a better use of the time.

But what if…

there was a way out from disaster; what if we could actu- ally turn lead into gold? Wouldn’t that be worth the price of admission?


believe so. Alche- mists from ancient times believed they had found a way to turn base metal into gold. They

understood the

the nature of things like the old school Taoists of China. They knew about transformative

how nature held

power of change and the key

to unlock the mystery of be- ing. They understood the great principle of “As above, so Be-

that are soon followed by abject failure. Some of us are clueless as to why. In the end we can usually trace our fumbles and stumbles to a lack of balance, poor tempo and lack of proper execution of technique. Rac- ing from the top of the down- swing is usually a recipe for trouble. Learning how to slow down somewhere in the swing is the key to cracking the code. Old school alchemists called it the “elixir of immortality.”

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • April 2018 • 23

Turning lead into gold, the Alchemy of Golf by James Fish •

low.” Without earth there is no heaven so unless we are ready to descend and face our own shadow; we will never be able to fully comprehend the spiri- tual landscape when it is time to ascend.

Golfers are gifted with unique opportunities every time out on the greens. We hit great shots

Intuitively knowing how to re- lax is essential. Knowing how to work with one’s breath can transform awareness at the cel- lular level. So when we find an empty mind after making a double-bogey, we must then travel back into the realm of re- covery by making a birdie. After I pulled my tee shot to- day into the fairway bunker on the par-5 I didn’t fret. After I came up short of the green on my third shot I didn’t panic. When I putted from six feet off the green and rolled another fif- teen feet down the hill and into the cup for birdie, I knew I had found the zone. And so when we use our imagination


we can rise from the ashes of defeat to forge a new path to success. And when we turn the lead of defeat into the gold of higher awareness, we will find our patch of heav- en here on earth.

James Fish works as a golf teaching pro at the Foxtail Golf Club and can be reached via e-mail at: or 707-548-2664


“Focus on how far you have come in life rather than looking at the


of others.” Lolly Daskal

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