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A Closer Look at Sparkling Water SPRING GUIDE #2

By Dr. Yolanda Mangrum ~

Petaluma, CA. ~ Let’s face it, when the weather gets hot we all want to reach for a cool refreshing beverage! When or- dinary water seems too flat to enjoy, some

why would this drink pose a problem to our dental health? The potential problem is that carbonated water gets its fizz from carbon dioxide. A chemi- cal reaction in your mouth turns the CO2 into carbonic acid, not

of us reach for the spar- kling variety. With no sug- ar or other ingre- dients,

only giving the drink a tangy, zesty, refreshing bite, but also making it more acidic.

in food and drinks can wear away your tooth enamel and affect your fillings and other dental work. It also may lower bone density.

This can be an issue if you’re sip- ping on your fa- vorite bubbly wa- ter throughout the day. As you sip, the acidic drink is swishing around your mouth, and if you do this of- ten, multiple times a day, it can be- come a behavior that leads to tooth wear.


counter the acidity in carbonat- ed waters is to rinse your mouth out with plain water afterwards. Also, be sure and rinse before you brush you teeth, you don’t want to brush that acid into your teeth. Using fluo- ride mouth rinses and

dentist for an adult fluoride treatment after your clean- ings, can also pro- tect your teeth and dental work.

asking your The best solution (ha, ha) to

glasses of water a day), plain water is the safest way to go!

In conclusion, if you are go- ing to be sipping throughout the day, (we all know the importance of drinking our 8

JOKES & Humor # 5

The world’s first fully com- puterized airliner was ready for its maiden flight without pilots or crew. The plane taxied to the loading area automatically, its doors opened automatically, the steps came out

automatically. The passen- gers boarded the plane and took their seats. The steps retreated automatically, the doors closed, and the airplane taxied toward the runway.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,” a voice intoned. “Welcome to the debut of the world’s first fully computerized airliner.

Everything on this aircraft is run electronically. Just sit back and relax.

Nothing can go wrong … Nothing can go wrong… Nothing can go wrong….”

“7 Rules to a Happy Life:

1. Be humble 2. Don’t worry 3. Don’t settle for less

4. Mind your business

5. Work hard 6. Play hard

7. Be nice” Germany Kent

14 • April 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. “Don’t set your own goals by what other people make important.” ~ Lolly Daskal

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