22 • April 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

The Beer Boys: Paul Doyle & Barry O’Meara

Death and Taxes: An Appropriately Named Beer! by Barry O’Meara

Sonoma County CA. ~ Tap- rooms and brew pubs are pop- ping up everywhere in Sonoma County.

reflecting the true character of Sonoma County with boutique wineries and microbrewer- ies filling in what would seem more fitting for a warehouse space. These taprooms are not on the


path and could take GPS to track them down. Twenty

years ago, you might have been able to count the Micro- breweries in Sonoma County on one hand. Now I can’t keep track of how many there are and I keep discovering new ones every month.

202 West 7th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 707-545-7528

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This month I visited one of the original Microbrewers; one that grew his business on a shoe string budget one beer at a time. Moonlight Brewing Company located at 3355 Coffey Lane, in Santa Rosa, located just north of Piner Rd. Moonlight Brew- ing has been making fantas- tic beers and ales since 1992. Brian Hunt, owner, and master brewer, has steadily built his brewery in stages and always

Industrial parks are

held to his philosophy to make the best tasting beer possible. Moonlight developed its name as Brian was developing his recipes and business.


still maintaining his day time job, Brian would work a night

ucts and his brews can only be found at restaurants and bars in the Bay Area. This April, Brian will be mak- ing a bold step -- a limited re- lease of his Death & Taxes in 16-ounce cans. They will only be available at the taproom and a few locations that

carry beers.

April is also the planned


ing of Moon- light’s expanded taproom. They have had a small taproom that had very limited hours and very limited space. It felt more like a breakroom than a taproom. Now with the

shift brewing, creating award winning beers in his backyard. Brian moved to the next step of brewing full time, but still ran the brewery as a one-man show, handling every facet of the business from brewing and distributing, to kegging.

was a busy man and a hard one to catch.

Moonlight Brewing has

grown over the last two de- cades. From brewing in a con- verted shipping container in his back yard to a brewery that can offer tastings and filling growl- ers! Brian has never believed in bottling or canning his prod-


expanded taproom, there will be ample room to go and enjoy the fine beers and ales that are so fresh, being tapped right at the source. At last, a new place to meet after work or gather on weekends or fill a growler and enjoy anywhere. Moonlight offers some sta-

ples that its reputation has been built on and some seasonal of- ferings you can always look forward to. The one beer that stands on its own is Death & Taxes. This black Lager pours like a stout and drinks like a beer. This beer is rich in flavors ... continued on page 25

“Self-assurance reassures others and reassures yourself.” ~ Lolly Daskal his

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