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Plaster of Paris was invented in Paris.

29% of the pollution in San Francisco comes from China.

A Japanese pilot, Captain

Kohei Asoh accidently landed a plane into the San Francisco Bay in 1968.

The world’s biggest mall is located in China and is actually 99% empty.

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these items,” said Wendy Whit- son, board chair of the of the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. “It is such an honor to be part of this remarkable com- munity we call home.” The Sonoma County Human Race is up next! On Saturday, April 28th, the largest collab- orative fundraising event in Sonoma County takes places as we support and raise money for local nonprofi ts. Join the fun:

StaR ChartinG of

... continued from page 31

the moment, minute, second of your fi rst breath of air here on planet Earth.

The rising sign is often thought as

“the mask” we wear.

However, in my workshops I like to equate it with homes/ houses; Victorian, Ranch, Cape Cod and so on. It is a style that presents a certain outer view and attitude to neighbors and passersby. The zodiacal sign often, but not always, can de- scribe our build, mannerisms, our physical carriage and de- meanor. An Aries rising sign, also called the ascendant might have a quick athletic build or bright red hair or a snorty kind of impatience or simply a quiet but gentle kind of intensity. Lots and lots of options Google free astrology charts and you can get a whole lot of free information on the net. So, before I get further carried away and end up boring you... Happy Birthday Spring, happy Birthday

Aries and Taurus.

and happy me - I didn’t think I could get through this!

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“Be grateful for the day and the day will be grateful for you. Stay positive and everything around you will respond in kind.”

TemitOpe Ibrahim “True friends don’t come with conditions.” ~ Aaron Lauritsen

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