This year’s Convention will feature some great new ideas that you won’t want to miss! Plan Now To Attend This Year’s

Florida Federation of Fairs Annual Convention And IAFE Zone 2 Meeting – May 17-19

This year’s Florida Federation of Fairs Annual Convention and

IAFE Zone 2 Meeting will be held May 17h – 19th at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace in Orlando, Florida. This exceptional hotel is directly across the street from the new Disney Springs (with a bridge walkover). Everyone seemed to be pleased with locating the convention in Orlando last year and the great access to so much to do and see. So come early or stay late and enjoy what the area has to offer. Attendees will have access to discounted Disney and other Orlando attractions so bring your family! Paul Davis and the Convention Program Committee have a

great Convention planned for you. The Committee has spent a great deal of time into identifying timely and unique topics for workshops, adding twice as many speed round tables, and tweaking the changes made last year that were so successful. One of the highlights of this year’s event is the special Active

Shooter workshop to be held at the hotel on Thursday. The Com- mittee felt that this topic is SO timely and SO important, that it is the main focus for Thursday so plan to come and participate – from 2:00 – 4:45 pm. See the special article in this newsletter telling you more about the class. The most exciting part is that it is being put on by trainers that have worked our Florida Fairs and know the Fair industry and what a unique event we host and how to prepare for unexpected issues. With the election of a new Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

this fall, it is equally important for us to get to know the candi- dates that are running for this office. The Florida Department of Agriculture plays such a vital role in the success of our Fairs that this is a very important decision for our industry. On Saturday we will have a Candidates Forum where you will hear from each of the candidates and have a chance for questions and answers. Terry Atchley, Chairman of the Legislative Committee says “we can’t stress enough the importance of EVERY AT- TENDEE attending this session”! On Wednesday, May 16th, Shawn Krauel and

the Golf Committee are planning a great tourna- ment to celebrate the 18th Annual Giles Ellis Memorial Golf Tournament which will be at the Disney Palm Golf Resort, one of the awesome Disney courses, Last year’s Splitsville Mix and Mingle was so

popular (and if you weren’t there – a LOT of fun!) that we are doing it again. Plan to come Wednesday and join us for the Splitsville Mix and

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Mingle from 7:30 – 9:30 pm! It is a great chance to get to meet other Fair folks! Last year’s “speed round table sessions” were so popular that we have doubled the number of topics this year! Instead of 1 hour sessions, they will be thirty minute sessions so come ready to listen, learn, and share and get into high gear to hear everyone’s ideas then move on to the next session to hear more great ideas! Thursday morning also starts out immediately with workshops

and round tables and then flows into a new style Opening Ses- sion. Opening Session will be primarily focused on our keynote speaker presentation by Rick Lott, Mayor of Plant City and Marla Calico, President and CEO of IAFE. In line with our theme “Changing Lives One Fair At A Time” Rick Lott will tell his own personal story about the role that FFA and youth programs played in his life and Marla Calico will “wow” us as she always does with some final comments on Rick’s message. Thursday night’s President’s Party will be in honor of President

Dawn Rowe, come decked out to enjoy an evening of fun and fellowship as well as some showcases! We are going to continue last year’s new idea of holding lunch

on Friday in the Trade Show. We have added a great line-up of showcases, we will continue the GREAT CASH GIVEAWAY and will offer more places to enjoy your meal. This will give everyone the chance to pick up a box lunch, find a quick place to eat, then enjoy the trade show, showcases and some “cold, hard CASH!” The Friday Night Showcase Extravaganza continues to be a

success so we are doing it again! There will be food, drinks, good company, and lots of great showcases. We are also ending the program earlier on Friday so everyone can go out for dinner but

Continued on page 11 Rick Vymlatil chairs IAFE

Vicki Chouris elected Zone 2 Director Miranda Muir presented Rising Star Award

Florida Racks up Awards at IAFE Convention Federation Present in Tallahassee Florida Week……...And More Inside!

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