Ken and Lynda Dinneen are Lapidary Artists and Rock Hounds Ken is a Lapidary, Lynda has taught Jewellery Design, Silversmithing, and Lapidary Art, as well leading many mining and

Rock Hounding tours in and around the western United States. Ken and Lynda work from their studio on the east flank of the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains in Sisters, Oregon.

Fossiling... the act of looking for and gathering fossils.

A perfectly lovely family activity and great fun for all when the hunting is good. The good news is that the UK has a wealth of wonderful fossiling sites and because most locations are coastal, some of the loveliest landscape to do it in. February, if the weather is mild, is wonderful for this activity and with a bit of planning, you won’t freeze.

Whitehaven foreshore

Now before I get too far afield, I want to suggest a fine birthday gift for anyone in the family. A GUIDE TO FOSSIL COLLECTING IN ENGLAND AND WALES by Steve Snowball and Craig Chapman. Last I checked, the book was running about £18. Now, off to

Whitehaven... Fossiling at Whitehaven

Just outside Whitehaven, is a shale site and the fossils are found on the faces of the shale. The busy railway makes this a potentially dangerous

area for children so be aware but there is a tunnel that provides access to the foreshore. A knapsack, a small rock hammer and I like to take along a flat-head screwdriver also to pry apart any thicker shale rocks as the fossils are often found

sandwiched between the layers. This is a carboniferous area, with more than thirty types of plant ‘body’ fossils to be found here. For the most part, the fossils can be found simply by rolling the rocks and the thin pieces of shale. Hunting fossils does mean that you need to look carefully at all surfaces of the rock you are handling before you discount it!

This business is easy to get addicted to. What's not to like, out for a glorious hunt in the out-of-doors, maybe a lovely picnic or visit to a new cafe or pub, time with the family and hopefully no distractions... lovely!

I recommended the guide to fossil collecting as it is a good overview of so many locations in the UK and it is such fun to plan a long weekend, or even just an overnight adventure at odd times. It makes the work week go so much faster and not seem so life imposing. In other words, go have some fun!

This year, we will move around the UK, as it is so famous the world over for excellent fossiling and who knows, you just might find...

Carboniferous plant fossil

Another thing... it is a huge jolly to break open a piece of shale or roll a dull looking stone only to find a beautiful fossilized leaf set perfectly on the surface.

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4-5 Headford Court, Main Street River Cocker and Southwaite Walk

Our next walk will be on Saturday 24th February at Maryport - a circuit of just under 6 miles with total ascent of 358 feet to Flimby via Ewanrigg Lonning and return to Maryport via the England Coast Path.

Meet at the Lake District Coast Aquarium building at Maryport [GR 032366] at 10.00am or 9.30am at Christ Church, Cockermouth if you prefer to car share. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing. It is likely that it will be muddy in places. Refreshments afterwards at the Harbourside Café.

From Cockermouth, take A594 to Maryport and park at the Promenade Car Park.

INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK ISSUE 423 | 22 FEBRUARY 2018 | 26 Other forthcoming walks are:

17th March Keswick – The Forge, Latrigg and a section of Railway Footpath

24th March Carlisle – Etterby, Sidings Nature Reserve, Canal and Engine Lonning

28th April Broughton Moor and Flimby Great Wood

For more information or details, please telephone 01900 828821 or email

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9 Main Street, Cockermouth, CA13 9LE The-Find-Of-A-Lifetime! Until next time - Happy Hounding! Lynda Dinneen


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