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A consultation with me is free. I visit people who wish to protect their assets and ensure as much of them as possible will reach their beneficiaries. Family structure, what assets they have and what aspirations and concerns they have are discussed. Common themes do emerge, anxiety about ‘what will be left to inherit’ should a Care situation develop, how can we protect savings and how will the children pay for our funerals (typically about £3,500) some ten days after our despatch?

To each of these concerns there are solutions. It is what ‘Estate Planning’ is all about. A little forward planning achieves a huge amount, not only in terms of financial safeguarding but also in giving ‘peace of mind’ to the family. As part of the ‘Co- op Family’ I adhere to and approve of the values and ethos of the Co-op movement and these include supporting the well- being of people in our community. The 5% reward back to client personally and 1% to local charities applies to all expenditures, including the full house trusts and funeral plans.

Guaranteeing the family home will still be there for descendants is often discussed. If it remains in the name or names of the people who bought it then it is in their estate and eligible to be used for the payment of any late in life costs or fees. If it survives these then its value is included in the estate value. The likely revision of Probate Fees to scale upwards with the value of the estate will mean substantially higher Probate Fees than if the house had its own separate legal status, held outside of the deceased’s estate.

Every family is different and a bespoke plan for each is required. I have many years of experience in finding the right solutions for each family and I am fully supported by Co-op Legal Services. I am based in the Lorton Vale and so can easily reach Keswick, Cockermouth and the surrounding areas.

Richard Johnson 01900 85269 or 07745 225 491

Richard Johnson Estate Planning Practitioner

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Senior Auctioneer and Valuer, Richard Harrison from Mitchells Auction Company gave an amusing and very informative talk on his life as an auctioneer.

He described how in his youth he became fascinated by the auction ring, where his first purchase was a box of 78rpm records. In these early years he learned a great deal about the business by chatting to auctioneers and antique dealers. He became increasingly knowledgeable about the role of an auctioneer and the valuation process involving a wide range of fine art objects. He is presently a general auctioneer, who has built up specialism in Asian art, ceramics, coins and banknotes.

Richard explained how, over recent years, the Internet and digital photography had played a revolutionary part in the selling of ‘Objet D’art’. Over 20 years ago, he himself

Community, Lorton Street Methodist Church invites the community and all our church users and their friends to a Coffee Morning on Saturday 10th March at 10.00am. This will be a good opportunity to get to know each other.

Other special events at Lorton Street, will be an Evening Concert starting at 7.00pm on Saturday 10th March and an afternoon tea at 3.00pm on

had been instrumental in introducing to Mitchells these new technologies.

Richard has widened his knowledge further by visiting the

Far East, especially China, where he witnessed a burgeoning interest in antiques, especially those originating from that part of the globe. He then gave us all some sound advice on bidding and the general rules of the auction ring. In conclusion, Richard presented an enjoyable quiz, where he invited members, using recent photographs, to estimate the values of a variety of objects. Jim Pickthall gave a vote of thanks for a very interesting talk, which gave a great insight into the modern-day workings of auctioneering.

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Mike Rooney Sunday 11th. All welcome.

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