At Allison’s, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our patients. We often know each other well and try to offer assistance where we can. Everyone has busy lives and we hope that our service ensures that getting your medication is one of the more straightforward aspects of your lives.

Occasionally, we get asked to do something that makes me wonder if things have gone a little bit too far. We obviously still do it but then scratch our heads wondering if that really just happened.

For over a year now, pharmacies have not been allowed to take patients prescription orders up to the surgery. This doesn’t stop us often being the first port of call when things that are ordered don’t turn up on time, or not at all. Recently, on one such occasion, a patient didn’t receive two items that they had ordered for some reason or another. They called to ask us what had happened and we had to ask them to call the surgery in the morning, as we are no longer involved in the ordering process. We were then informed that we would have to ring, as the patient would still be asleep in the morning when it was time to ring the surgery.

Flu comes from a land down under!

Well, I think that I can say with a degree of confidence that our flu vaccination season is winding down. We have had another impressive year for vaccine uptake with both NHS and private jabs considerably exceeding last year’s totals which were already really pleasing.

For obvious reasons January was unusually busy for jabs, with everyone trying to stave off the attack of dreaded ‘Aussie flu’. There was media-led concern over the effectiveness of the vaccine but I always say that to make such a judgment during the season is seriously flawed. I read predictions of a three-quarter of a million deaths due to flu and the fact that this didn’t happen is surely at least partly attributable to the flu vaccine.

I’m not saying that a bit of media hysteria isn’t good for breaking down some patient apathy around flu vaccination. There were a few sheepish phone calls and visits from patients who had repeatedly turned down the offer of a jab asking if we still had jabs in stock! As for that, during the reports of vaccine being unavailable nationwide, we maintained stock throughout and it’s been a long time since we had to turn a patient away because we had run out of vaccine. That was due to a manufacturer letting me down, so now all of my vaccine ‘eggs’ are no longer kept in one basket. The fact that on Facebook I promised a free vaccine to any patient who asked for one with us and were told that we had run out may have had a bearing on my efforts to not run out!

It’s good to talk!

Last month, I gave a talk to a local group about community pharmacy and how it has changed in my time as a pharmacist.

I’ve done a few of these talks and I’m always a little nervous around what the content should be. I need to let people know that I do a very challenging job but not to the extent that you are bored to tears, or concerned that I might not be able to cope.

I was surveying the room and it didn’t look like anyone was falling asleep and it seemed to go well. The audience might have been a little biased as quite a few were customers and a couple of those who weren’t were Brummies.


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Our trained pharmacist can administer your travel vaccines* and antimalarials* including:

• Cholera (2) • Japanese Encephalitis (2) £25 • Meningitis ACWY (1)

• Diphtheria Tetanus & Polio (1) £30 • Rabies (3) • Hepatitis A (1) • Hepatitis B (3)

£40 • Tick Borne Encephalitis (3) £30 • Typhoid (1) £85

Generic Malarone (Atovaquone/Proguanil) just £2 per tablet Doxycycline just 20p per capsule.

We also vaccinate against: Meningitis B (from 2 years old) – 2 doses at £100 per dose.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in both boys and girls – number of doses depends on age. £140 per dose.


• Chickenpox (2) • MMR (2)

We are pleased to announce that we have added the following vaccines: £60 • Shingles (1)


The number in brackets is the number of doses needed and the price is per dose *We are not yet a designated Yellow Fever centre

FREE NHS HEALTH CHECKS Perfect Companion for your New Year’s Resolution!

Available to eligible patients aged 40-74 and includes cholesterol check. Please get in touch to see if you are eligible and to make an appointment.

FREE Prescription Collection and Delivery Available

Gift Vouchers available. Whether you want to buy your loved one Lemsip, L’Occitane or vaccinations for a trip to Laos one of our vouchers has got you covered.


£50 £50

£60 £30

The number in brackets is the number of doses needed and the price is per dose Antimalarials

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