Dates and details are subject to change, so please check the Museum website at, e-mail or telephone 01932 857381 (or other contact details given) for up to date information. BTM events are shown in bold. Angela Hume, Tim Morris, Jeni Larwood and Steve Clarke will be very happy to give you further information on these, but are unable to help with the other entries in the list.

Regular social events held at the Museum The Members Bar is normally open to Club level members every Thursday, Friday and Sunday lunchtimes from 12 noon to 3.00pm (last food orders 2.00pm). Additional openings are made when the Museum is running major events on Saturdays and Bank Holiday Mondays. It is possible to check availability for these by calling the catering sales team on 01932 858005. All Brooklands Trust Members are welcome at the ‘Motoring Natter Evening’ on each second Tuesday of the month in the Bar at 7.00pm (further details from Danny Byrne on 01932 829814). The Museum is open every day from 10.00am to 4.00pm from November to February and 10.00am to 5.00pm March to October.

SEPTEMBER 3rd American Day. Celebrating 60th anniversary

of the ‘57 Chevy. Parking in The Heights*.

9th Concorde Champagne Day. Details from fly- or 01932 857381 ext 237.

12th BTM Talk. Brooklands and the Great War, Lives and Times in Surrey in 1917. Presented by See ‘BTM Talks’ in ‘News’ for booking information.

21st BTM Motor Sports Legends Talk. Howden Ganley in conversation with Simon Taylor. Howard worked for McLaren and drove for BRM and Williams. See ‘BTM Talks’ in ‘News’ for booking information.

22nd Piano music in the Members’ Bar at lunchtime. 23rd Historics auction. Park- ing in The Heights*.

24th BTM Talk. ‘Puff the Magic Maxi’. Lunch with Bron Burrell and Tina Kerridge plus Puff the Maxi. Competitors in the 1970 World Cup Rally and this year’s London- Lisbon HERO Rally. See ‘BTM Talks’ in ‘News’ for booking information.

27th Brooklands – Bringing a Legacy of Inspiration to Life' by Allan Winn, The 13th Annual Char- ity Lecture for the Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club at the John Crook Theatre, Halliford School, Shepperton. Tickets £15, available from Ann Watson (annwatson@brook- or ‘Felicitations’ on Shepperton High Street, Laurie Burrell ( 01932 564556).

30th BTM Hever Hunt Touring Assembly. Fully booked. Details from Angela Hume (see ‘Contacts’).

Parking in The Heights*.

8th Autumn Motorsport Day. Action on Mercedes- Benz World Circuit and Test Hill. Parking in The Heights*. Premium event. BTMs £2 (no surcharge for children of Club level or Family members.)

12th BTM Talk. The ever-popular Phil Holt re- turns. Controlling 911, Air Traffic Control emergency procedures. See ‘BTM Talks’ in ‘News’ for booking information.


OCTOBER 1st Morgan Day. Displays, Test Hill in action.

15th Aviation Day. Parking in The Heights*. 19th BTM Motor Sports Legends Talk. TT and road racer legend, Ian ‘Hutchy’ Hutchinson in conversation with Steve Parrish. See ‘BTM Talks’ in‘News’ for booking information.

20th Piano music in the Members’ Bar at lunchtime.

22nd London Bus Museum TransportFest. Parking in The Heights*.

23rd-27thHalf-term family activities including Car Rides. 29th Autumn Classic Breakfast. Gates open 7.45am. Breakfast served from 8.00am until 9.30am. Test Hill ascents (am).

NOVEMBER 3rd BTM Dinner. Details to follow.


31st Halloween Torchlight Tour and two-course meal. Pre-booking via Donna Hopton ext 253 or e-mail Unsuitable for children under 12 years or people with mobility problems.

Source Luxury Cars event. Paddock displays of super-cars and sports cars.

8th BTM Goodwood Track Day. Details from Angela Hume (see ‘Contacts’).

15th Torchlight Tour with soup and a roll. Pre- booking via Donna Hopton ext 253 or e-mail Unsuitable for children under 12 years or people with mobility problems.

16th BTM Talk. ‘Silver City Airways – The First 70 Years’ with Paul Ross, Chairman of the Silver City Association. See ‘BTM Talks’ in ‘News’ for booking information.

19th Military Vehicles Day. Action on the Mercedes- Benz World 4x4 Course, re-enactors. Parking in The Heights*.

25th Concorde Champagne Day. Details from fly- or 01932 857381 ext 237.

26th BTM visit to Highways England, formerly the Highways Agency. Details from Angela Hume (see ‘Contacts’).

26th BTM Sunday lunchtime talk with artist John Whurr. See ‘BTM Talks’ in ‘News’.

DECEMBER 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th & 17th Visit Santa on the

VC10. Children under eight years old. Pre-booking only. Details from events@brook- landsmuseum,com or 01932 857381 ext 253.

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