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Calling All Youth We know you are out there enjoy-

ing the Arabian horse—be it quiet mo- ments at home or competing at our club shows and up to the elite level.

in the CR13*, and their quarterhorses YNotWowza (pictured left above) earned the bronze award in the CR13* and YNotDolly (pictured right above) was awarded the silver. All of YNot`s reining horses are trained by Alain Al- lard from Montreal. CR13* classes are WEG qualifiers for the Canadian team selec- tion competing at eh 2018 WEG in North Carolina. YNot Farms from Meaford

Jackson Hall, Alice Draper and Chuck Hall’s son

Make sure you are a member and

enjoy some of the club’s benefits. You might be centre stage at AHAEC’s An- nual Banquet and recognized as a High Point Winner! Or, you might be a talented artist

and would like to have your pictures or photos displayed in the club’s e- newsletter or on the club’s website. AHAEC wants to recognize what

you share with your horse. Send us your information from your barn or the stable your board at, maybe you ride out on the trail, or maybe compete on the open circuit, or what about at leadline, or list the responsibilities you have at the barn. Do your school friends know you

own a horse? What do they think about that? Do you encourage non- horse owners to come to your barn to visit with your horse? Do you play tag with your horse?

Have you taught your horse any tricks? Take a moment and tell or show


ver, Bronze and WSDAC WD, Judge Lorraine Stubbs Great facility to exhibit or to watch. For more information contact

Ron Lubinski As a thank you to all youth ex-

hibitors at the Region 18 Champi- onship Show and to further promote safety while riding, each will receive a helmet bonnet and riding safety in- formation. These bonnets are highly visible, offered in a wide variety of colours & designs, and provide the chance for each youth to personalize them by adding some “bling” to up the

Arabian classes back at The Royal. After two very successful years, in 2015 the Arabians were featured with two Native Costume classes and in 2016 the Arabians were featured again in the Horse Show main arena with two Country English Pleasure classes, 2017 will have the Arabians competing for Country English Pleasure honours on Friday November 10th (evening per- formance begins at 7pm) scheduled as the second class in right

after Percheron

the Six

Horse Hitch, then on Saturday No- vember


(evening perform- ance begins at 7pm) the Arabian Native Costume class is scheduled as the second class in after the Green Meadows Coach. Support all

YNotFarms Congratulations to AHAEC style!

members Ron & Gillian Lubinski and their YNotFarms horses! At the June 10th CR13* Syracuse Reining Show, all horses exhibited by them won ho- nours! The only Canadian horses en- tered at this event, their Half-Arabian gelding, YNot Dunny won the Half- Arabian Reining class and finished 5th

Our member, Dr. Paul Ruther-

ford, has been a vocal proponent for wearing helmets while working around horses, or doing any physical activity where head injuries are likely. We have seen the devastating ef-

fects of sports-related head injuries and AHAEC doesn’t want to see this

of our exhibitors and buy your tickets —-

visit for ticket informa- tion.

AHAEC will once again set up a

promo booth in the Arabian horse aisle of the Horse Palace for the two days the Arabians are competing. Come to the stalls for a visit!

Practical training for horses and riders.

Visit my web site for blog, training tips and articles.

have been exhibiting horses in Dressage and Reining for a number of years. YNot Dunny has successfully competed in both divisions, and was one of AHAEC’s demonstration horses in Spirit of the Horse ring at The Royal. Their facility hosts a num- ber of Reining & Dressage

shows each year and the next one is - July 29-EC Gold, Sil-

happen to any of our members, young or old!

Canadian Nationals 2017 This grand show will celebrate its

60th Anniversary in 2017! The first classes (Mare & Stallion) were held in 1957. Come to Brandon, Manitoba and be a part of a grand celebration August 13-19th.

Also, Canada will be celebrating

its 150th on July 1st, 2017. We en- courage Arabian horse owners & members to be a part of their commu- nities’ celebrations—participate in a parade, hold an open house, invite schools to a show. Get out, be seen & wave the flag!!!! FYI’S

Arabian Classes Are Back!!! For years we have all wanted the


Large, square bales, top quality, no rain or dust. 1st and 2nd cut Timothy, OG and Alfalfa Mixes. Delivery available in 20-30 bale loads.

Limited supply of Small 21 Bale Barrons. Also some straw.

Don Rowntree via Pax E T Ltd., Georgetown (416) 464-2373

Helping riders enjoy the process - not just the result!

Book a Clinic:

Need a fresh perspective? Large or small groups. Lots of great tips and fun!


Judge of multiple breeds, english, western, hunter/jumper.

Lessons at your farm

“Is it me or my horse?” Solving puzzles using the science of how horses think and learn!

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