JULY 2017 THE RIDER /35 Revamped Dressage Awards & Recognition Program Now Available

Ottawa, ON, June 28, 2017 – The Equestrian Canada (EC) Dressage Committee is pleased to announce the re- designed and revamped Dressage Awards & Recog- nition Program has officially launched.

The Canadian dressage

community is encouraged to participate in the Dressage Awards & Recognition Pro- gram, created to put the spotlight on outstanding ath- letes, horses, breeders and individuals. All EC Sport Li- cence Holders who purchase a dressage affiliate member- ship are eligible to partici- pate in the program.

How it Works Participation is simple

and easy through online reg- istration. Once registered, participants can track and submit scores obtained at EC sanctioned dressage competitions through a user- friendly online portal - Lifetime Registration

is $50 per rider and $100 per horse (horse registration fee transferable upon sale). Register Today!

Awards Once registered, scores

and/or nominations can be submitted for a wide range of existing and new awards. Existing


awards that have been incor- porated into the program in- clude:

Achievement Awards Rider

and Horse

achievement awards pre- sented to those who reach the score threshold at each level from Training Level through to Grand Prix at EC or FEI sanctioned competi- tions.

The “Eight” Award Recognizes improve-

ment of riding skills by awarding those who earn eight scores of ‘8’ for the collective marks on a test for Rider’s Position and Seat or Rider’s Correct and Effec- tive Use of the Aids.

of Lauren Dilanni,

Lauren Dilanni Rider Freestyle Awards Presented in memory this

award recognizes riders who earn three scores of 67% or

higher in each level of Freestyle competition from Second Level to Grand Prix. Newly created awards

joining the program include:

Made in Canada Breeder Awards Awarded to breeders to

recognize the achievement of performance excellence by Canadian bred horses. A minimum of five scores must be submitted for con- sideration, and the recipients will be determined by the highest average of the five scores.

Horse of the Year Awards Recognizes perform-

ance excellence in all levels from Training Level


Grand Prix by awarding horses with the highest aver- age after submitting five scores for consideration.

Athlete of the Year Awards Recognizes perform-

ance excellence in three cat- egories – Junior, Amateur and Professional in all levels from Training Level


Grand Prix. The awards are based on the average of five scores submitted for consid-


Horsemanship & Sports- manship Awards Presented to individu-

als who embody the in- tegrity and true spirit of good horsemanship toward their equine partners, and good sportsmanship toward their fellow competitors. Candidates can be nomi- nated by submitting letters of


from five individuals. Registration in the

awards program is not re- quired for Horsemanship & Sportsmanship recognition.

The Century Award Recognizes dressage

riders and horses competing at any level whose combined age totals 100 years or more. Competitors do not

need to be retested in the awards program to qualify and be recognized with the Century Award. For full information on

the Dressage Recognition & Awards program, visit ssage/awards.

Equestrian Canada Receives Over 30 Nominations for Board of Directors

Ottawa, ON, June 19, 2017 – Equestrian Canada (EC) would like to thank the equestrian community for the strong engagement dur- ing the 2017 EC Board of Directors nomination pe- riod.

A total of 33 qualified

candidates provided a nom- ination package by the close of the nomination period on June 1, 2017. In 2017, up to eight (8)

Director positions will be filled as per Bylaw 4.2, b) Transition:

Four (4) positions for a three-year term ending in 2020 One (1) position for a one- year term ending in 2018 In addition, as a result

of recent resignations, the Board has elected to fill the vacancies for the balance of the terms as follows:

Two (2) positions for a two- year term ending in 2019 One (1) position for a one- year term ending in 2018 The next step in the

2017 EC Board election will be for the EC Nominating Committee to complete a re- view of all candidates, make nominations for the ballot and publish a list of candi- dates by July 15, 2017. Members will cast their bal- lots on Aug. 3 and the re- sults of the election will be announced on Aug. 24. Following the vote,

EC looks forward to wel- coming dedicated individu- als with the dynamic and relevant skills to take on a leadership role in the organ- ization. Directors will have

the opportunity to help EC effectively deliver on its mandate to represent, pro- mote and advance eques- trian sport and all related equine and equestrian inter- ests in Canada. With several major or-

ganizational improvements underway, Directors will also have the chance to con- tribute to the culture of pos- itive change at EC and work collaboratively toward the continued growth and devel- opment of the organization, while strengthening partner- ships within Canada and abroad.

About the EC Nominating Committee The EC Nominating

Committee is responsible for: • Presenting a slate of candi-

dates for the position of EC Board Directors in accor- dance with EC’s Bylaws • Ensuring there is an elec- tion each year • Ensuring EC has a rigor- ous nomination system • Recruiting qualified indi- viduals to stand for election as Directors

The 2017 Nominating Committee is as follows:

Dominique Chagnon

(Chair) – Calixa-Lavallée, QC Mark Samuel – Missis- sauga, ON Karen Sparks – Kanata, ON Diane Goyette – St. Lazare, QC Susan Thompson – Delta, BC Richard Mackenzie – Nestleton, ON

Haidee Landry – Langley, BC

Questions, Comments? Director candidates are

encouraged to learn more about EC at www.eques- Governance infor- mation,

including EC’s

By-laws, audited financial statements and Governance Policy Manual can be found a

t vernance. If you have any ques-

tions or comments concern- ing the 2017 Board election, please contact:

Eva Havaris Chief Executive Officer/ Secretary General Toll free: 1-866-282-8395 x 135



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