Ontario Quarter Horse Association Inc. 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President 1st Vice 2nd Vice

Past Pres. Treasurer Sect’y Area 1 Area 1

Pete Hammer Karen Cook

Sherrill Tisdale

Shawna Crawford Sheila Easton

Cayley de Brouwer Mary Moore

Ken O’Donnell Affiliate

55th Annual Ontario Quarter Horse

Breeders Futurity The 55th annual On-

tario Quarter Horse Breed- ers Futurity will be held on August 23-27th, 2017 at the Ancaster Fairgrounds. It is shaping up to be another tremendous show, with futu- rity classes for weanlings, yearlings, 2 and 3 year olds. Reminder that the futurity classes are open to all breeds, with the purpose of promoting and showcasing AQHA, APHA, PtHA and ApHC horses resulting from Ontario breeding programs. We will once again be hold- ing a number of added money slot classes and ex- hibitors will show to 5 AQHA judges. We would like to give

a sincere thanks to everyone who supports this presti- gious show. A huge thank

you goes out to the growing list sponsors for 2017. This show has been held for 54 years, and that is in part to the generous support from our exhibitors, volunteers, trainers and sponsors. With- out you all, this show would not be possible. Please be sure to sup-

port our sponsors, and thank them for their generosity! The OQHBF would

like to give a special thanks to all our 2017 sponsors. Without the generosity of these amazing supporters, shows of this caliber would not be possible. Please be sure to thank and support them! (See next page for sponsors list)

For more information visit

Area 1 Area 2 Area 2 Area 2 Area 3 Area 3 Area 3 Area 3

Suzanne Pickard Jenn Pearce

Todd Cressman Annika Rear

Pat Chamberland Janet Fazackerley Corey Taylor Andrew Dewar

AQHA Director Kathy Patterson

Check out our website for the latest OQHA information! 2017 OQHA Queen Contest The 2017 OQHA Queen Contest crowning was hosted by the Ontario Quarter Horse Association in January

2017 at the Ontario Quarter Horse Association Awards Banquet. Ontario is always looking for exceptional candidates who are members of the Ontario Quarter Horse Association between 18 to 25 years of age to apply for the next year’s queen contest. The deadline for applications to be received is in mid-December. The application form, the contract and the

horsemanship pattern will be available from the website in the fall of 2017. A 250 word minimum essay must accompany your application, detailing your community service involvement,

any past volunteer experience with OQHA, honors, and offices held. Please include your personal statement as to why you would like to represent Ontario as the next OQHA Queen with an 8×10 high resolution picture of yourself. All Contestants will partake in a written test (knowledge of the OQHA By-laws and Constitution and the current

AQHA rule book). An oral interview will be conducted by a panel of judges, elaborating on the candidates’ application. Poise and per- sonality will also be considered; and finally the Horsemanship video of a preset pattern submitted with the applica- tion on a hard copy DVD, will be scored by an AQHA judge. The contestant does not have to ride her own horse, but must use a registered Quarter Horse.

2017 OQHA Queen Tiana Domingos

If you are considering applying please contact Jenn Pearce Ontario has been so well represented in the past and we would love to continue that tradition! The Congress Queen Contest is a nearly a 50 year old tradition. The All American Quarter Horse Congress crowns an accomplished horsewoman each year to represent OQHA, AQHA and the horse industry as a whole. Rich in history, the Congress Queen has been crowned at the All American Quarter Horse Congress since the 2nd year in 1968. The Queen is the Official First Lady and spokeswoman of the Congress. As Congress Queen, she exemplifies beauty, grace, intelligence and horsemanship, all while living and promoting the western way of life!

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