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Open = Ralph Miller riding Lena’s Lil Star Non Pro = Ralph Miller riding Lena’s Lil Star Intermediate = Michelle Campbell riding Fletch Hollywood Novice Horse = Sherry Black riding Smart Dualin Dolly Open Boxing = Troy Donaldson riding Sparky Limited Non Pro = Don Pletch riding Brennas Catt Green as Grass = Don Pletch riding Brennas Catt Herd Work = Sherry Black riding Jacs Spinafox

gate men. The results for Sunday’s show as judged by Jess Cofell were:

more new faces come to compete. It was great to see several horses improve their reined work, and as usual some really tough cow work. The rain held off for us and a total of 52 entries had competed for the day. Thanks again to our great crew of volunteers from the cook to the cattle pushers and

clinic and our second show of the season on Sunday. The people and horses worked on track- ing cows, learning to move cows, how to read your cattle, boxing, and going down the fence and making the cow circle. People from the first timers to experienced exhibitors participated throughout the day with Jess Cofell and Craig Black as their instructors. It seemed like there were a lot of smiles and happy faces at the end of the day. Then to top things off, all of the participants received a swag bag of useful items from many of our sponsors that were gathered and put together by Shelley Hagan and Lynne Bowen. Well done girls! Sunday the pen was in good shape after the big rain Saturday evening. Again, we had

June 24th and 25th was a big weekend for the ORCHA hosting our annual cow horse The Reunion

Gayle Hewitt, Roy and Joan Ionson, Craig Black, Peter Van Eerd, Sharon Black, Bob and Sandy Montgomery, Jackie, (seated) George Hewitt

Written by Craig Black, Craig Black, Craig Black September 1965 Western

Calendar of Events: ORCHA Shows in Richmond July 23, August 20, September 17

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Letter from our Show Secretary Team - SPONSORS NEEDED! We need your help to offer great awards and fun classes. All members who bring in a cash sponsor of $250 or more will receive a free stall for 1 night at the OPHC show of their choice. The 2017 sponsorship form can be found here - Effective immediately,

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Fair, London. This was the first time I saw Jackie. She won the Western Pleasure riding Smoky Buzz and then Joe Farren won the Reining on Smoky Buzz. This pair went on to win the WHA High Point Performance Saddle with Smoky Buzz. The last time I saw Jackie was in Dothan, Alabama in 1970 at an AQHA show. My good friend, Gordy Wadds, and I decided to winter in Florida and learn to be real cowboys. Joe Farren, my reining idol, lined us up with a big cattle ranch in Ocala, Florida. About 10 years ago, Jackie called me wanting some information on bringing some horses into Ontario from Florida, where they had been living for over 30 years. Joe and Jackie had been training and showing and teaching AQHA youth riders successfully for all those years. A few years back, Jackie re- turned to Ontario and spent some time in Manitoulin Island but was not able to see any of her old friends. Approximately 2 years ago, she moved to the Ottawa area. Over the years, Sharon and I have talked to Jackie over the phone regularly. Last month, there was a

cutting show in Richmond (the cowboy capital of Ontario) and a

cutting horse trainer and friend of mine, Brian, called me want- ing to know if I had 4 stalls for the weekend. Of course I did - on one condition - that he bring Jackie with him. Finally after al- most 50 years, we were going to see each other again. I proceeded to call a few of Jackie’s old friends who I knew she really wanted to see. So Saturday after- noon, June 10, almost 50 years later, we got together. In atten- dance were Roy and Joan Ion- son, George and Gayle Hewitt, Peter Van Eerd accompanied by his son Tom and daughter Jackie (you guessed it - Jackie’s name sake), and our chef Judy Ionson. The last couple to arrive was Bob and Sandy Montgomery. Now Sandy and Jackie are sisters and for some silly reason were not speaking for several years. Well big hugs and kisses and some very happy tears, then Sandy said, “Happy Birthday Jackie”. As it turns out, Sundays was Jackie’s birthday! Nobody knew except Sandy and Jackie, so we had a birthday party as well.

As I was sitting there

watching all of the hugs and kisses and listening to friends reminisce talking about old friends and old horses I got to thinking who these people were. These were a few of the people who originally started and cre-

ated the horse industry in On- tario. This generation of cow- boys and cowgirls founded and developed the Ontario Rodeo Association, The Western Horse Association of Ontario, and The Ontario Quarter Horse Associa- tion. These people along with the Coverdale family, the Rapson family, the Carter family, Pat and Clare Smith, Jim Pratt, Walter Hellyer, Tom Bishop, Chuck and Lorna Aylett, Archie and Chris McArthur, Leroy Kufske, Herb Towers, Don and sue Nye, and others I’m sure I have missed. This was not just a birthday

party-reunion, but a gathering of a few people of this generation that literally created so much of the horse industry in Ontario.

Pictured: Jackie

back! This fun class is open to all riders and all APHA registered horses and will be held immediately following the last Trail class at the June, July and September shows. Entry fee is only $20 and Shur-Gain has generously provided $200 added money per class! Sign up, show off your walk trot skills andwin some money!

with Only A Kiss and the rest of the winners of the first round of the Safe & Sound Project Showmanship Challenge. Upcoming Events

Mid -Summer Classic July 22 & 23, 2017, Ancaster Fairgrounds Please Note: Stalls For This Show Must Be Booked By July 17, 2017. The second installment of the 2017 Safe

start at 9:00 am. Congratulations to Maegan Hollinshead

All multi-day OPHC shows will now

lenge will be held on July 23rd following Trail. Click here to learn more about this class.

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& Sound Project Showmanship Challenge will be held on July 22nd immediately follow- ing Amateur SPB Showmanship. Click here to learn more about this fun class & the very worthwhile cause it supports! The popular Shur-Gain Walk Trot Chal-

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