2017 Ontario Trail Riders Association Board of Directors

President/Ride Schedule Helmut Hitscherich, 905-473-9329,

Vice President Tug MacDonald, 905-885-9191,

Secretary Linda Fell 905-842-9031,

Administration Sheila MacDonald 905-885-9191

Treasurer Jan Belanger Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 Home: 705-322-2027

Trail Development Ron Keeler, 705-341-1073,

Newsletter Lana English 519-658-3489

OTRA: 1326 Odessa Cres., Oakville, ON L6H 1R8 • The Ontario Trail Riders Association Inc, established

in 1970, is an equestrian organization which promotes recreational trail riding and the creation, development, preservation and safe use of trails.

OTRA News July 2017 Location:

2017 Ride Schedule Date:

Horse Country Vivian Forest Wiarton

Dufferin Forest Dundas


Horse Country South Algonquin

July 10-16 July 21-23

7 day ride July 30-Aug. 5 Aug. 4-7

Aug. 11-13 early bird registration discount deadline July 28 Sept. 1-4

Sept. 11-17 Sept. 23-25

East Gate Algonquin Sept. 29-Oct. 1 Vivian Forest

Oct. 6-9

“ A dog wags its tail with its heart” Martin Buxbaum

June 9, 10, 11, ride and camp, Dufferin

Forest, host Karen Plume. Doesn’t get much better than that. The weather cooperated and the trails were super. Ten enthusiastic riders enjoyed many hours in the saddle and a boun- tiful of fine food at the potluck dinner Saturday night. Speaking of Saturday night we experi- enced almost hurricane force winds. Kirsten’s canopy gazebo blew down in the middle of the night. This caused her great anxiousness as she was afraid that it would spook the horses and cause a stampede. This in turn would have her banned from the Dufferin permanently. Haha! Sandy Pearson gave us all bike envy when she rode in on her new bike. Everyone gave her a hard time saying that she and the bike would probably take flight on the way home as the wind hadn’t died down completely. Thank you Karen for hosting an- other


weekend. “A camel

can drink 30 gal- We now have “bike envy”! June 10th Potluck in the Dufferin Good morning Laurie! Sheila and Tug on their Tennessee Walkers

lons (135 liters) of water in about 13 minutes.” June 23, 24, 25, ride and

camp, Vivian Forest, host Hel- mut Hitscherich. Until noon on Friday we had torrential rain showers. At 12:00 pm. It was almost as if someone turned a switch. The rain stopped and the rest of the weekend, until Sunday after- noon was ideal weather for trail riding. Then a few min- utes of rain and the sun came out. We had a rainbow. You have probably heard

the expression that “ it never rains on the golf course,” “ it never rains on an OTRA ride” either. We do a lot of riding but we also do a lot of eating. The potlucks get better with each ride. A menu for the July 21-23 ride is already in the planning stages. “With the rise of self

driving vehicles, eventually there will be a country song about how your truck left you t

o o ”

source.fenris- lorsra

with the Ontario Trails Council, Ontario Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. We welcome your membership to help support the voice of OTRA on your behalf. For more information please visit our website at

OTRA and its members represent the equestrian trail user

Enjoying another feast June 24th June 10th “Your tongue I the only

muscle in your body that is at- tached at only one end.” “The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.” Please note that the ride

for the next Dufferin Forest ride has the wrong date the in ride schedule book. The cor- rect date is Aug 4-7th not July 4-7th.

Lana English Ron and Jeremy

Helmut and Smokey, Dufferin ride

Linda Fell and Karen Plume, June 11th

Mary and Larry, Dufferin ride

Horses relaxing at Helmut’s, June 25th

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