Guidelines For The Selection Of The

2017 Congress Youth Team

1. The qualifying shows for the Con- gress Youth Team will be AQHA/OQHA approved shows from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017. During this time frame, it will be the Youth’s 10 best shows considered for each event. 2. Any youth will be allowed to com- pile points on more than one horse for team consideration. For each event points will be compiled on a one- horse/one rider basis. 3. A youth who qualifies in more than one event will be asked for their pref- erence of two or may be asked to limit themselves to one. 4. Any youth wishing to participate on the Team must complete a written ap- plication and consent form in full and submit it to the Youth Advisor on or before July 25, 2017. Application forms will be available on the OQHA website, by e-mailing ontarioquarter- or mailing Marie Muir, 203 Dundas St. W. Paris, ON N3L 4H3 Phone (519)442-7451 5. The Team selection will also be based on the individual’s ability to meet the guidelines and directives of

the OQHYA. Mandatory Requirements

sessed on a per application basis.  Sponsorship money will be directed towards the OQHYA and is to be sub- mitted as collected or with the appli- cation. c. Exhibiting good moral character and sportsmanship. d. If selected to the NYATT Team an additional fee of $150.00 will be re- quired and these monies will be used specifically for team expenses.

OR  $300.00 in total sponsorship to OQHYA is required for applicants un- able to fulfill their volunteer hours. Partial volunteer hours may be as-

cludes the following:  a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer work at OQHYA events and $100.00 in collected sponsorships to OQHYA

a. Current member of the OQHA and OQHYA. b. In order to keep OQHYA a viable Association and ensure that the youth are actively involved, participation in-

Additional Qualifying Considera- tions a. Participation in a minimum of two OQHYA fundraising events in 2017. b. Attendance at two OQHYA meet- ings in 2017. 6. The O.Q.H.Y.A. will endeavour to support and financially assist in send- ing the maximum number of team members and the advisor to the Con- gress. 7. Upon completing the mandatory re- quirements, applicant priority will be given to the top two exhibitors (OQHA points) in each of the seven NYATT events, and that have com- peted in a minimum of two OQHA ap- proved shows in the qualifying time period. 8. The final authority on the Congress Youth Team will be with the O.Q.H.A. Youth Advisor and Advisory Commit- tee, and the Board of Directors of the O.Q.H.A. and O.Q.H.Y.A. 9. Any youth who does not fulfill their team responsibilities shall be banned from team participation till such time, as the above authorities deem appro- priate.

Thank you to our OQHBF Sponsors

The OQHBF would like to give a spe-

cial thanks to all our 2017 sponsors. With- out the generosity of these amazing supporters, shows of this caliber would not be possible. Please be sure to thank and support them! Elite Show Sponsor:

• Woodley Quarter Horses & the Pearce Family

• Wrap Around Farms – John & Patti Clayton

Gold Sponsors: • Bill and Cathy Cox – ABC Recreation • Home Hardware • Ontario Amateur Quarter Horse Association • Scott and Roma Thomson – ABC Electric

• Rod Jeffries

• Meglin Farms • Longhouse Family • Greenhawk – Barrie • Machine Made • Dewar Performance Horses • Phantom Horse Watch • Circle R Saddlery Silver Sponsors: • Burlap & Blooms Floral and Gift • Area 2 Promotional Club • Young Signs • HB Quarter Horses • Pete Hammer Farrier • Crawford Quarter Horses • Scotia Wealth Management • Willow Way Farms Bronze sponsors: • Jessica Lange Performance Horses • Coolwater Quarter Horses • Kelly Williams Performance Horses

• Darci’s Show Horses • Shauna MacLean Performance

2017 OQHA Awards Banquet

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 Holiday Inn Cambridge

200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON

2017 Ontario Quarter Horse Association Show Schedule

OQHA Shows – - shows are held at Ancaster Fairgrounds Area 1 Promotional Club – – shows are held at Ilderton Fair- grounds Area 2 Promotional Club – - shows are held at Ancaster Fair- grounds Area 3 Promotional Club – – shows are held at Orangeville Fair- grounds Area 5 Promotional Club – – shows are held at Carp Fair- grounds

being held in Ontario this coming year. Some show dates are still pending AQHA show approval. Be sure to check out the websites for the latest information to these shows.

Below are the tentative show dates for the OQHA/AQHA approved shows

World Qualifying. John Dean, TX, Karen Watters, TX, Kim Leiter, KY, Tim Abler, MI, Murray Griggs, CA, Jill Newcomb, CA. Carp Fairgrounds, Carp. Show Secretary: Sherrill Tisdale Stall Booking: eo- August 5th-7th, 2017 - Area 3 Level 1/Rookie youth & Amateur Show (Satur- day). Area 3 Summer Circuit (Sunday/Monday). Mark Watkins, OH, Lori Gordon, PA, Katherine Kope, FL. Orangeville Fairgrounds. Stalls: Val Love 905-263-8158,, Email: August 18th-20th, 2017 - Area 1 Summer Celebration, (Ranch Pleasure, reining & Cowhorse, Friday 6:30pm Mike Bednarek, NY, Abby Cosenza, AZ, Michael Damianos, CA. Ilderton Fair- grounds. (519)864-4333, August 23th -27st, 2017 - 5 Sets of AQHA Points, Annual Ontario Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity and Summer Finale Quarter Horse Show – Janette Dublin, TX, John Briggs, TX, Tracy Willis, MO, Mark Russell, AR, Kenny Hall, TX. An- caster Fairgrounds. Show Secretary: Sherrill Tisdale,

Date/ Show/ Judges/ Location/ Contact July 27 and 28th, 2017 - 3 split combined shows July 29 & 30th, 2017 - 3 split combined shows EOQHA Summer Sizzler. 6 sets of AQHA Points in 4 days before AQHA

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