4/ JULY 2017 THE RIDER HON. COL. A.W. FINN CD: Founder

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Established in 1970, Published By 1677846 Ontario Ltd.

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Celebrating a lifetime of memories

The Rider, as well as our printing company Golden Arc

memories a son has of his par- ents I have had the great hon- our of working with them for most of my life. I became in- volved with the family busi- ness when I was very young and was selling copies of The Rider in the stands at Quar- terama almost as far back as I can remember. When I grew up we ran

month since I lost my mother, Katherine Finn, to cancer. Beyond the normal

By Barry Finn It has been more than a

Publishing, from an office building located right next door to our home. That meant we could work at almost any time of day or night (and often did) to get the paper out. At least we could never complain about the traffic on our com- mute. I remember collating The

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Rider together in our office, back when we were a maga- zine in the late 1970’s. I re- member working together on the mail out each month. We used to do all the sortation and prep work for Canada Post ourselves and it took a lot of

Ames, Iowa (July 6, 2017) – GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) is hosting a free webinar, Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) in Canada, on Thurs- day, July 20 at 11:00 a.m. CDT for veterinarians, diag- nostic laboratories and horse owners who want more in- formation about EIA com- pliance and management. Join industry experts

Katherine Finn pictured with a cougar at Quarterama 1976. Rider Photo

gether on invoicing and re- ceivables. Mom did all of our accounting and kept things straight. We did a lot of other non-Rider jobs for our print- ing company and every day I was able to work with my Mom.

The donkey family at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Center. To donate visit: - 1652 Concession 10 Walpole, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0.

From Our Founder

Remembering May/June 1983

I’m sorry that I missed the

May issue of The Rider. As you may be aware I lost my wife Katherine to Cancer on May 31.

She was there for the founding of several of our publications The English Rider and the Canadian Quarter Horse Journal as well she coined the names of several of our Orange aPEEL products. She worked as advertising sales man- ager and did all our book keeping. She will be missed. See story in this issue.

I have received several emails

regarding my ending of this col- umn.... several had expressed their concerns about the new comers to

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ment she was always there for me when I had HST questions or anything else I needed help with.

the horse industry not knowing the history of our business.... The Rider has been around for almost 50 years... WOW. So for the time being I will continue the tradition.

Our cover story in May 1983

was about Lucky Sugar a Palomino Quarter horse stallion owned by Slim and Sandy Norsworthy, the stallion was celebrating his 25th Birthday, our June cover was de- voted to the WHAO Extravaganza Barrel racing. During the event the executive formally announced the

After her semi-retire-

hours to get it done. Thank- fully we now have our amaz- ing printers, McLaren Press Graphics, do it all for us. I remember working to-

years and I have so many good memories. I will miss my Mom very much but I feel extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to spend so much time with her and my Dad throughout my lifetime mak- ing great memories.

Note: I am very proud to say that donations made in my Mom’s name to Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Center helped in the rescue ot a fam- ily of four donkeys. (See the photo at left)

We had a lot fun over the

for an overview and discus- sion about EIA in Canada, the current regulations in place and what steps labora- tories and veterinarians are taking to manage EIA test- ing (“Coggins”) and disease outbreaks.

Webinar Outline and Pre- senters: EIA Background & Cur- rent Situation – Dr. Car- olyn James, Veterinary Program Specialist / Policy and Programs Branch, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) V e t e r i n a r i a n Perspective/Impact – Dr. Greg Evans, Owner, Moore Equine Veterinary Centre Diagnostic Laboratory

WHAO Queen sponsors, Keen Industries, G.A. Boulet Boots, The Tack Shop and The Rider.

It was announced in The Rider that Patty

Brouwer a member of the Dunnville Saddle club and second runner up at Quarterama ‘83 was hired as the barn manager at Finlay Col- lege in Ohio.... not too many Canadians get hired into the horse industry in USA.... today Mr. Trump would find a way to stop it.

The Burlington Aldershot Lions club were

still promoting their international horse show. Wayne Ormerod was the Show Manager

Over 180 cutting horses including several

from Canada converged on the State Fair Grounds in Jackson, Mississippi .... Jim MacKay and Sis O’Lena a 5 year old son of Doc O’Lena place 10th in the Novice Cutting class the horse was owned by Walter Hellier.

Jim Henderson aboard Dry Rose won the

Non Professional Championship with a very impressive scoreof 219.5 points.

My Turn I advised State Farm Insurance aka Certa

that I would continue to expose their ignorant attitude regarding a no fault insurance claim. I accepted a settlement and they short changed me $25.00 and have refused to send a letter by Canada Post of no fault. Talk about an easy way for the insurance industry to walk away from their responsibility by using the Ontario Liberal government’s no fault legislation to

Equine Infectious Anemia in Canada Discussed in Upcoming Webinar Perspective/Impact

ited, International Standards Serial (1209-3995). Reproduction of editorial or advertising content is

COPYRIGHT - Contents Copyright 2017 by 1677846 Ontario Lim-

Brian Zwaan, Customer Service and Marketing Manager, Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc. Solutions for EIA Testing – Rebecca Haugland, Cus- tomer Success Representa- tive, GlobalVetLINK

Live Questions & Answers If you are unable to at-

tend the webinar on July 20, it will be recorded and made available to watch online. Complete the registration process to ensure you have access to watch the record- ing.

Visit https://www.glob- binar to register for the EIA in Canada webinar.

back up their formal theft ring. You may be aware someone backed into

the rear doors of my van and under the so called “No Fault Claims” State Farm Insur- ance, aka Certa, Desjardines refused to settle my claim. All they would do is write it off. The vehicle is mechanically sound with new tires and brakes all round and a new steering system. They would only allow me $750.00 and haul the vehicle away. Heck, the new tires cost that much. Please be VERY Careful who you do busi-

ness with. For the full story contact me at or check out this website: Reviews/24-State-Farm Next month I will have a good story about

a profound nightmare I have experienced with Westjet the so called “Owners Care” Airline. Any bets on how soon Mr. Trump will

suffer a heart attack, be institutionalized, be Im- peached or just resign? All I can say about this cartoon character is that we “the Lying and Fake media” should just “ Consider the Source and Rise Above”. I’m sorry, I just can’t find it in me to call him president. No way.

Thank you once again for looking down in this corner.

Aidan W. Finn CD Founder of The Rider 1970 President, Orange aPEEL For canine cancer support

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