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BOOK REVIEW Hunter: A Thriller

Reviewed by Jennifer Chase

“Today she would finally nail the bastard. Annie Woods watched the traitor’s cab thread

through the jam of courtesy vans and pull up to the curb. The right rear door opened and he emerged. She slowed her own tailing car to a crawl. Looking edgy, the man scanned the vehicles around him. Masked only by her sunglasses, she

held her breath as his gaze slid right past her. Then he leaned back inside the cab, pulled out a rolling carry-on suitcase, and slammed the door shut.”


unter is a fascinating, face paced, and thought provoking read. I was amazed to find out

that Hunter is Bidinotto’s first novel. However, it captured my attention that his background was in investigative “award winning” crime articles and he was also a former staff writer for Readers Digest. This is an independent author and he has shown incredible compe- tition with many main- stream, well- known authors bumping them out of top places on Amazon – and rightly so. Cinch up your seatbelt because you’re in for a bumpy ride. Heroine Annie

Woods, a special CIA investigator, discovers a traitor. The novel begins with heart pump- ing action and a take down of a government mole at an international airport. The carefully crafted storyline and the underlying web of deceit slowly unfold one layer at a time. The captured spy is killed by a long-range sniper at the safe house and then everything hits the fan. Dylan Hunter, a freelance investigative reporter, specializes in hard-hitting facts

A THRILLER by Robert Bidinotto


2011 (Kindle edition) Fiction/Thriller

Published by Avenger Books

surround- ing the criminal justice sys- tem, specifically victim’s rights, hides behind secrecy and seems to have no

past. Hunter teeters on becoming an unrelenting force as a rogue writer that makes some people quite uncomfortable at the cold, hard facts of injustice.

After a brutal attack on a

couple from three budding psy- chopaths rushed conveniently through the incarceration process, Hunter and Woods meet. Attraction and a strong sense of integrity fuel their relationship, which leads to

a rollercoaster of romance and then

self doubts of one another. In Hunter, nothing is ever what it

seems. Or, is it? A series of bizarre killings begin to surface and push the protagonists to the edge of everything they’ve known and understood about their lives. The plot moves at a superb and consis- tent pace. The storyline ignites with action ~ continued on page 38


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