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Happy New Gear!

Welcome 2012! by Curt “Cycle Guy” Hentschke


love the beginning of the new year. The slate is clean. Everything is

possible in the year ahead. More soon. April’s Wildflower

Century is billed as a “Cruise through the green hills and secluded valleys of northeastern San Luis Obispo County.” Because of its über-popularity, said event is one of those rides that sells out within hours (if not minutes) after regis- tration opens. Cycle Guy Super Tip: This year’s reg opens at noon on January 8. Be ready! ( After years of frustra-

tion on my part (and the part of many other local riders), I was thrilled to learn that the Tierra Bella and the Sea Otter Classic will be held on different dates this year. Instead of having to choose from between these two spring favorites, we can now par- take of both. The TB will take place on 4/14, with the SOC following on 4/19- 22. Yowza! (Yes, registration for both events is now open!) More good news for 2012: Morgan

Hill’s Freedom Fest Bike Classic will return on June 30. But wait! There’s more! Spokesperson Stephanie Short tells me that ride organizers will adding a 100k/3405ft option for more serious cyclists. I’m in! Are you?

22 January 2012 • Out & About

Chain Bikes and Morgan Hill’s Concept Cyclery offer Spin Classes through- out winter. (More info: and

2. NEWBIES – Get out there and enjoy that new bike! Welcome to the greatest sport/pastime/exercise in the world. Ride often, dress for the weather, wear your helmet and don’t push yourself too hard too soon. After all, it’s supposed to be fun! Oh, and send me a picture of your new ride and its proud owner!


THISMONTH’S FEATURE: REAL SOLUTION RESOLUTIONS Need any help with your resolutions

for 2012? Never fear, Cycle Guy is here, with ten pledges for the new year.

1. DIETERS – Include a bicycle in your diet! It’s the perfect, lo-cal, high-aerobic, minimum-impact way to exercise. Back in 1998, a bike helped me lose a ton of weight. If you can find a riding compan- ion, that’s even better. You’re less likely to stay in bed on a Saturday morning if your bicycling buddy is somewhere out there, waiting for you. (Ah, guilt can be a wonderful thing.) If things get a little too wet or cold, Hollister’s Off The

3. LPS SUFFERERS – Work that little finger! Yep,

those of you with LPS (Lazy Pinky Syndrome) can make 2012 the year you finally leave your affliction behind. Lift and lower your left pinky, engaging your car’s turn indicator. By doing so, you will activate your vehicle’s turning lights, which, in turn, let cyclists (and your fellow drivers) know your lane changing and turning intentions. What joy that knowledge brings!

4. IN-TOWN WORKERS – Make 2012 the year you try bicycle commuting! Even if it’s just a few times a week, the savings and the health benefits will grow as your carbon footprint shrinks. In addition, you will be able to add even more miles

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