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Theatre Notes

Squad led by quarterback Brett (David Broz) and the Cheerleader Squad split by a rift between Kendra (a radiant McKenzie Caborn) and Lucy (the smoldering, resentful, manipulative Nicole Nascimento who calls to mind a young Sandra Bullock). Other factions include the hippies, anarchists, Goths, nerds and skaters as well as a squad of rabbis that shows up from time to coun- sel Evan. Archie, another outsider and a catalyst for the dramatic action, is a crutch-propped boy disabled by an undefined malady, which gives Quincy Mitchell the opportunity for a fine serio-comic performance that he deliv- ers in spades. The on-stage musicians were splen-

did playing with a fine show of expert- ise and quite a bit of good comedy. They are Daniel Fust (guitarist), Jon Jon Blunden (guitarist), Taylor Krilanovich (bassist) and Soul Kerr (percussionist). Director Kachuck marshals the con-

siderable talents of the sixty-four per- formers giving each one a chance to shine. I would love to sit in on a rehearsal to see just how he does it. I have found, over the years that I have been covering the productions at Mount Madonna School, the best thing is seeing the students’ joy in perform- ing. It always makes for a very enter- taining evening.

Next Up at the Pintellos K

icking off their tenth season of “something funny going on here,”

the Pintellos are reviving the Neil Simon classic Rumors (February 3 – 25) under the sure handed direction of Whitney Pintello. From the press release – “At a fancy party in a posh New York home, all the guests are there, but where are the hosts? Clever and quick-paced, Rumors entertains with mistaken identities, sudden exits,

34 January 2012 • Out & About

misunder- stood and overheard conversa- tions, from lights up to curtain call. The energetic cast of Rumors is made up, as always, of very tal- ented local actors. Returning to Pintello Comedy Theater stage are actors Ariane Borgia, Tom Hepner, Joline Masten, Jon Reed and Valerie Vanni, along with Marion and Rod Pintello. New to the PCT stage and returning to acting after a bit of a sab- batical is Brad Nye.” I’ll be there.

The Western Stage and Pacific Repertory Theatre Announce Their Season

Salinas and Pacific Repertory Theatre of Carmel have announced their 2012 season lineup of plays and musicals. In the TWS Studio Theatre, the season opens on June 30 with One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Dale Wasserman’s adaptation of the novel by Ken Kesey. The TWS web blurb states, “The great- est protest play of the 20th century. It defines the attitudes and ideas of the 1960s. It is about the age-old struggle


he premier theatres of Monterey County, The Western Stage of


for power. It boils down to one insistent refrain: Authority Must Always Be Questioned. The film version won seven Academy Awards.” Slated for September in the Studio,

the Monterey County Premiere of September Shoes “an enchanting and haunting lyrical drama by Jose Cruz Gonzalez” performs September 21 – October 7. Billed as “a touching story of remem- brance and redemption,” a publicity blurb goes on, “in the mysterious town of Dolores a gigantic red

chair awaits God’s visit and a simple flat tire is capable of changing the world. A deeply moving play about a simple cleaning woman who finds a window

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