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Samsung has transformed its Commercial Split System line up, replacing all previous models. The new product line-up incorporates the Samsung DVM (VRF) communication protocol, enabling full integration with VRF controls and accessories without the need for additional interfaces, simplifying commissioning and improving end user experience. The Commercial Split System off ering is comprised of 23 units, with ten styles of indoor models and 13 outdoor units with capacities from 2.5kW to 25kW. The new units off er 47 diff erent system combinations suiting a wide variety of applications. This built-in fl exibility has reduced the SKU quantity and increased the range of systems available. The indoor and outdoor units are fully compatible with each other, allowing for a comprehensive line up of twin, triple and quad Split Systems from 7kW to 25kW. The 20kW and 25kW outdoor units have a side blow design to fi t into restricted plant spaces, and the 10kW and 12kW outdoor units are now available in a single fan confi guration. Andrew Faulkner, commercial manager of air conditioning, said: “ With the new Commercial Split System range, the SEER and SCOP effi ciencies have been enhanced to ensure our products remain as energy effi cient as possible.” Systemair Stulz

Stulz has launched the WPAmini chiller with integrated free cooling, designed for data centres with low cooling requirements and industrial chilling.

The compact chiller will deliver a cooling

capacity up to 160 kW in a very small space. The WPAmini is equipped with maximum size aluminium microchannel condensers and four scroll compressors which are activated and deactivated in stages, in line with the current heat load.

Three operating modes are available: DX mode, free cooling mode and mixed mode. In mixed mode, cooling capacity is generated through simultaneous free cooling and compressor cooling, for signifi cant energy savings. In noise critical applications, a ‘quiet’ version is available that has extra acoustic insulation. The chillers can also be fi tted with optional fan diff users.

The operating limits of WPAmini chillers extend from -40°C to +50°C, depending on the model. The generously designed switch gear cabinet ensures there is space for any additional electrical equipment. WPAmini chillers already meet stage 2018 of the ErP Directive.

Systemair has launched Geniox, aiming to improve energy effi ciency in ventilation systems.

Geniox air handling units can be assembled on site by installers. The unit

is delivered in modules, and installers can then assemble the Geniox unit by fi tting the modules together.

Managing director Neil Rapley said: “The most noticeable diff erence from our previous designs is the casing. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, we have developed a thermally insulated panel construction with very high tightness values which eliminates thermal bridging”. The casing complies with the best defl ection class D1 and air tightness class L2, an improvement from Systemair’s previous units. The Geniox range can be applied across diff erent industries, from housing to hospitals, data centres, industrial facilities, ships and off shore rigs.

Systemair has further developed its design programme, SystemairCAD, to handle the confi guration of the Geniox air handling units. The programme is free to download and allows customers to confi gure their own air handling units or choose one of the pre- confi gured options. The Geniox range is certifi ed by Eurovent.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new line-up of wall-mounted air conditioning units to make stylish, energy effi cient

air conditioning available to small businesses. The M Series MSZ-LN range is the fi rst product in the company’s UK line up to utilise R32 refrigerant, which has a low global warming potential (GWP). The MSZ-LN range off ers a choice of four sizes from 2.5kW to 6.1kW, with four distinct indoor wall units which are available in Ruby Red, Onyx Black, Pearl White and Natural White colours.

A built-in Wi-Fi interface enables full control and via the company’s MELCloud App, while an i-see Sensor delivers customised comfort. Double vanes on the indoor unit operate independently to distribute

airfl ow evenly throughout the room and the MSZ-LN off ers quiet operation as low as 19 dB(A). A Plasma Quad Plus fi lter also uses powerful plasma technology to fi lter out even microscopic particles, whilst a dual-barrier coating prevents dust and grease accumulation.

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