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When a busy hospital needed to relocate its cold room condensing units, consultant Neil Garnett knew it was time to upgrade to F-gas compliant refrigerants. West Suff olk Hospital had

decided to create a new service building, which meant moving the seven roof mounted condensing units used in cooling the hospital’s mortuary. Knowing that Danfoss off ers a range of lower GWP cooling solutions Mr Garnett selected Danfoss’s Optyma Plus units, running with R134a and, crucially, R452A. Mr Garnett specifi ed seven Optyma Plus New Generation condensing units, with fi ve MBP units running on R134a and two LBP versions using R452A, allowing mortuary staff to rapidly drop the temperature in two smaller cold rooms to -18 °C. Both R134a and R452A have a GWP level below 2500 and are therefore fully compliant with F-gas regulations. Mr Garnett said: “With its lower GWP refrigerants strategy, Danfoss was clearly the way forward. The back-up support has been good, and the fact that Optyma is a packaged unit makes it so much easier for the contractors to work quickly.” Fixmart CIAT

CIAT has launched its Dynaciat range of compact water-cooled chillers and heat pumps. The range features 17 models in two separate product lines: the Dynaciat LG, water-cooled chillers and heat pumps, and the Dynaciat LGN, condenser-less chillers. All are available from 25kW to 190kW.

The Dynaciat range increases its ESEER coeffi cient by 15% to 6.22 and SCOP by 13% to 6.37. The increased effi ciency and subsequent reduction in power consumption signifi cantly improves the return on investment of the unit.

Furthermore, Dynaciat units can automatically adjust cooling capacity, and the entire range is compliant with current Ecodesign standards and European regulations.

Available with a high- or low-pressure pump, the Dynaciat provides an all-in-one solution with its integrated hydraulic module. Its extensive operating range enables Dynaciat to address the needs of diverse sectors, such as storage process and data centres, as well as applications such as comfort heating and cooling or brine environments.

Fixmart, a leading supplier to the construction, m&e and HVAC sectors, has partnered with Caddy Pyramid to develop a bespoke solution that promotes effi cient navigation over rooftop obstacles, while meeting health and safety standards and signifi cantly reducing labour time spent on installation.

The Step Over and Walkways systems provide service engineers and other personnel with safe and comfortable access over rooftop obstacles such as pipes, ducts and cable trays.

The two companies will conduct joint site visits so Caddy’S engineers can see fi rsthand the potential location of any installation. This will provide them with a clear and precise brief ahead of the design stage, including any necessary calculations required in relation to load or wind. The visits will also allow prospective clients to learn more about the capabilities of the modular solution, which helps workers save time and labour on-site, and also meet standard NEN-EN-ISO 14122-3. Carl Ghinn, managing director at Fixmart, said: “By partnering with Caddy we can off er a bespoke modular solution that provides full assurance of load calculations and specifi cation, whilst being able to maintain very fast supply and installation. These walkways, combined with our eco-feet range, provide our clients with a safe and easy to assemble solution.” AUK Distribution

Clint’s Aqua Plus air cooled, water cooled and condenserless liquid chillers and heat pumps range is ideal for small and

medium-sized areas in commercial or industrial buildings. The Aqua Plus range is available with capacities ranging from 25kW to 179kW in cooling and 31kW to 197kW in heating. Compactness and easy installation are the key benefi ts of this range, and dedicated models can also be specifi ed with the additional Aqua Logik technology with built-in hydronic kit and variable speed circulating pumps, making the use of an inertial tank unnecessary. The Aqua Plus range is available in several diff erent variants, with

diff erent technical solutions and performance levels. The models with A Class energy effi ciency feature Inverter or Digital Scroll technology.

Visit the AUK Distribution website to discover further details about the range. Call us today on

020 3901 0912 or visit

56 November 2017

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