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Enquiries will be dealt with in an expedient and courteous manner. All complaints will be logged, investigated and, where appropriate, rectifying action will be taken.

1.5 Pre and Post Construction Surveys

14 Prior to the commencement and immediately upon completion of the construction works, pre and post-condition surveys shall be agreed with and undertaken in conjunction with the Highway Authority.


The two surveys shall form the basis of such ameliorating works that may be required upon completion of the onshore works, to rectify specific damage to the local road network as a direct result of the construction works. These pre and post construction surveys shall include photographic records of street furniture and road conditions.


The pre-construction survey shall be used to identify road surface irregularities which require remediation in order to mitigate vibration impacts. Further detail on the mitigation regarding vibration impacts will be outlined in a Noise and Vibration Management Scheme, as provided for by the Code of Construction Practice.


The timing of post-construction surveys and measures to secure any subsequent remediation will be agreed with SCC, this will include consideration of remediation where trenches have crossed the public highway.

1.6 Construction Logistics Management

18 Management of construction traffic would commence through ensuring the Principle contractor undertakes the works in accordance with the outline layouts, plans and methodologies presented below and within the Access Management Plan and Travel Plan including:

Deliveries of construction plant, equipment and materials to the appropriate location within the Development Area by construction and delivery vehicles of a size and appropriate weight to accord with the hierarchal structure of the SCC Lorry Route Network for Strategic, Zone Distributor and Local Access lorry routes. Figure 1.0 of the Traffic Management Plan figures in Appendix 1 shows the proposed construction access routes for HGVs. EAOL will agree the final delivery routes and their suitability, including structural weight limits required with SCC prior to construction. Identification, signage, use and monitoring regime to ensure compliance with approved routes

Outline Traffic Management Plan – Version 3

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