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Provision of on-site wheel wash provisions at appropriate and approved access/egress locations from/to the Public Highway and off-site road cleansing/sweeping provision along those sections of the Public Highway used by construction vehicles to the satisfaction of the Highway Authority

All Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) deliveries would be made to the Primary CCSs with onward transfer to Secondary CCSs using vehicles suited to the local network. Abnormal loads are not thought to be necessary for movements between Primary and Secondary CCSs, but if required then timings and notice periods for abnormal load deliveries will be agreed with SCC in reasonable time

As the onward transfer between Primary and Secondary CCSs would be within the control of the appointed contractor, no such movements would be made during peak hours. Therefore, the only potential HGV movements during peak hours would be the arrival and departures associated with Primary CCS deliveries. Numbers and timings of movements during peak hours will be discussed and agreed with SCC, and maintained within the levels assessed within the ES and Post-Submission Report 1 and Supplementary Environmental Information Report 1 unless otherwise agreed

A scheme shall be designed with the aim of enabling residents to identify if a vehicle is engaged on work on the project. This scheme shall be submitted to and approved by the relevant planning authorities

Any damage to the existing road network or public right of way as a consequence of the construction activities, shall be made good to the reasonable satisfaction of the Highway Authority in accordance with such requirements as to specification of material and standard as prescribed by regulations made under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (as amended)

Any damage to street furniture as a consequence of the construction activities, shall be made good to the reasonable satisfaction of the Highway Authority

Time restrictions would be placed on the transfer of materials and plant between all Primary and Secondary CCS’s in order to avoid the busiest peak hours (08:00-09:00 and 17:00-18:00). Restrictions would also be placed on access routes en route to schools, for example, the B1083 through Bawdsey to the landfall site and Trimley Road through Kirton to CCS site G

The implementation of timed delivery bookings would be implemented to control the delivery of material to the Primary CCS sites and adjacent local network.

Outline Traffic Management Plan – Version 3

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