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The access routes would be agreed for deliveries to each of the CCS’s, ensuring that only those roads adequate to carry construction traffic would be used for that purpose. Appropriate signage would be installed to direct suppliers and contractor’s vehicles along appropriate routes. This would minimise the impact of deliveries on local residents. Where possible the contractor would use local suppliers to reduce the distance travelled on the local highway network

Restrictions would be put in place prohibiting movements of construction HGVs through Coddenham and Sproughton, and to the south of Sandy Lane (south of Woodbridge) under the railway bridge. East-west (and west-east) movements through Westerfield (i.e. along Lower Road and Church Lane) would also be prohibited

Where proposed construction access routes use existing tracks which are also Public Rights ofWay additional safe working practices will need to be implemented. These may include tool box talks for site personnel on how to drive carefully in these areas, early warning signage alerting construction workers to the presence of a Public Right of Way and warning signage for members of the public to be aware of construction traffic.

1.4 Local Community Liaison

11 EAOL will manage public relations with local residents and businesses that may be affected by construction traffic. Public relations will be co-ordinated on site by a designated member of the construction management team. A proactive public relations campaign will be maintained, keeping local residents informed of the type and timing of works involved, the transport routes associated with the works, the hours of likely construction traffic movements and key traffic management measures. As provided for by the Outline Code of Construction Practice, a combination of communication mechanisms such as posters and parish meetings will be employed to keep local residents informed.

12 A designated EA ONE local community liaison officer will field and respond to any public concerns, queries or complaints in a professional and diligent manner as set out by a project community and public relations procedure which will be submitted for comment to the Local Authorities.

13 Parish Councils in the relevant area will be contacted (in writing) in advance of the proposed works and ahead of key milestones. This information will include a timetable of works, a schedule of working hours, the extent of the works, and a contact name, address and telephone number in case of complaint or query.

Outline Traffic Management Plan – Version 3 Page 8

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