FOR SUCCESS A scheme, led by social housing charity Home Group, designed to help get young people off the streets and into work, is on track to help hundreds of vulnerable youngsters in the North East within its first year.

The three-year long project has been commissioned to help 18 to 24 year olds with complex needs, who are homeless and not in education, employment or training.

The scheme is ahead of target as it reaches its first year anniversary. The project is currently supporting over 240 young people, of which 167 are now in accommodation, 56 have begun a programme of training or education, 27 are engaged in voluntary work and 22 have gained employment.

Garry Robinson, Senior Client Services Manager at Home Group and Fair Chance Fund commented: “We work with some of the most vulnerable young people in society who haven’t had the best start in life for a variety of reasons. The Fair Chance Team, and other partners associated with the programme, have worked extremely hard to find accommodation for these young people in the first instance, as well as supporting them to maintain


MANCHESTER According to many cleaning companies based in the north of England, the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ needed its own Cleaning Show, and now it has one. The Manchester Cleaning Show will be held at the Event City venue in Manchester.

The Northern Powerhouse embodies the same industrial and entrepreneurial spirit that made the North of England into the ‘Workshop

- 6 -

their accommodation, whilst nurturing and developing their potential so that they can move on into training and employment.”

The Fair Chance Fund, a collaboration of several organisations across the North East, provides accommodation, training, volunteering and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people. It is a national scheme established by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The North East is one of seven locations in the country which has been selected by the Department for Communities and Local Government to provide intensive support to homeless young people. Home Group is the lead for delivery of the project with partners including Oasis Aquila, Your Homes Newcastle, Depaul and Changing Lives. The Fair Chance Fund is available in Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland, Gateshead, Durham and both North and South Tyneside.

The programme aims to help young homeless people to settle and stay in accommodation, achieve National Vocational Qualification equivalent qualifications, engage in voluntary work and sustain full or part time work.

The scheme also offers personalised plans to help individuals develop the skills to manage their tenancies,

of the World’ more than 150 years ago, continuing today with major investment around the Airport, the City Centre and in the surrounding infrastructure.

Any visitor to today’s bustling Manchester can see that the area is busy and expanding rapidly. There are new and larger trains under order by all the North West train companies, new road schemes, and plans for a £15billion transport network that will help make Manchester the hub of the Northern Powerhouse.

All these investment schemes need cleaning and maintaining.

budget effectively, make informed choices, live independently and become economically active.

The Fair Chance partnership work with social services, social workers, police, probation workers, the criminal justice sector and voluntary organisations to provide a holistic package of support for young people. This collaboration has seen a reduction in reoffending, improved behaviour and avoidance of custodial sentences in some cases, as long as offenders are engaged with the Fair Chance Fund.

Garry Robinson added: “The collaborative approach is working and not only produces cost efficiencies through innovative and intensive support across a number of support services, but also assists and encourages vulnerable young people to become valued members of society.”

With what has been described as the ‘first serious cleaning show in Manchester for 25 years’ on the horizon, companies both locally and from further afield can ill afford to let it pass them by.

Organised by Quartz, the same company that gave the UK its first national Cleaning Show in London for almost as many years, and with the blessing and support of most of the cleaning industry trade bodies, the Manchester Cleaning Show ought to be another resounding success.

Well known names will be there as exhibitors including Kärcher, anti-slip specialists Bonasystems,

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