HYGIENE Developments in design engineering mean that the less able now have the most flexibility in specifying toileting most suited to their specific individual needs.

Since the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic bidet toilet was launched, as the first unit of its type developed specifically for the disabled, manufacturer Total Hygiene has continued a programme of research and development, to create what is believed to be the most comprehensive range of accessories available.

Working with leading commercial designer David Goodwin, the Palma provides ergonomic, stylish, yet practical optional extras to optimise the user’s ability to toilet with little or no aid, whilst simultaneously offering contemporary design to enable the unit to blend in with all décor.

The latest bespoke accessories to be launched are the Columbia and Chailey support systems, which include optional extras such as integrated


INDUSTRY Lift Safe Ltd has launched its range of clean room lifters in partnership with Svenema. The firm’s primary focus has been to design and produce battery/electric and manual lifters for clean rooms and other ‘clean’ environments where hygiene, cGMP’s and optimum ergonomic efficiency are of primary importance.

All lifters are produced in stainless steel and have a hygienic design. Thanks to extensive experience with designing and building customised lift equipment for clean room applications, LiftSafe are able to quickly offer solutions to clients, with an efficient, optimised, cost effective lifter for many applications.

independence in a function as private as toileting, developing a unit that washes and dries them after toileting to optimise hygiene without needing someone to help them on or off the toilet, or clean them after.

fold-down support arms, lateral body supports, soft seats, extended douche arm, touch sensitive hand/foot switch and a range shaped plinth.

Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene marketing manager, elaborates: “No two people are the same and, even if they share a disability, how it affects them will be different. It is in recognition of this we have committed to continuously developing the Palma, to enable as many people as possible to retain their dignity and

Through the years, the company has helped customers in the pharmaceutical and related industries by providing more efficient and ‘cleaner’ handling of drums, film rolls and containers.

Lift Safe specialises in offering a solution to the customer's specific requirements, using high quality materials in the construction of the lifters and all the available accessories.

There are three standard models in the range including the Ultra 0-40kg SWL which is the most compact and maneuverable lifter in the product range. The Ultra has been developed to handle smaller, lighter items.

The second model is the Midi 40-80kg which is a versatile lifter designed to handle the widest range of applications. It is relatively compact and easy to move around despite its high lifting capacity. The third model is the Maxi - the most heavy

duty lift trolley – which comes with a high lift capacity and a wide range of accessories. As with other models, the MAXI can be fully customised to specific needs. - 47 -

“Working with a top commercial designer has enabled us to give our clients a toilet that combines our half-century of experience with his expertise in ergonomics. To cite specifics, the soft seat is supplied in dark blue, to aid the visually impaired, and is available in junior, adult and adult open fronted options to optimise suitability for the user; the touch sensitive switch has a textured surface to aid its location and identification, and requires minimal pressure to operate, making it ideal for those with limited manual dexterity.”

To date, Total Hygiene has supplied nearly 30,000 Clos-o-Mat automatic bidet toilets to help the less able in the UK, with units installed in private homes, residential and nursing care establishments, and even in public conveniences in town centres.

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