Guaranteed to Work A number of continuous fragrance air freshening products claim to be eco-friendly because they don’t use batteries. However, none of them can guarantee they they will last the promised 60 days of effective fragrancing. The claim made by many of these systems are “up to 60 days” and not “guaranteed to work for 60 days”. These products work well in the beginning, but their performance drops significantly over a period of time. This is due to their continuous exposure to air and the fact that various fragrance notes evaporate at different rates, changing the overall scent characteristic, as without batteries they do not have any control over the delivery of the fragrance. Many of these work for about 10 days to 30 days. Oxy-Gen Powered systems, on the other hand use their fuel cell technology to control the amount of fresh fragrance oil that is released and exposed to air continuously, thus guaranteeing round the clock fragrance for the full cartridge life cycle of 60 days. The fragrance level and odour control is consistent throughout 60 days.

Hassle Free Operation Oxy-Gen powered cartridges are made with recyclable plastics so that the empty cartridges can be disposed of via standard plastic recycling bins. The user is also saved from the difficulty of disposing of pressurised aerosol containers.

The system delivers the fragrance at a precise and consistent manner over the life cycle of the cartridge and the built-in LED light indicates to the customer when the 60 days are over. It flashes green to show that it is in operation, orange to remind the user to replace the cartridge, and red to change the batteries after two years.

As Mr. Sandrino Vieira, Guest Services Manager at Chiswick Business Park says, “The feedback from the clients and the guests has been very positive, and the product definitely brings a fresh smell to the washrooms and surrounding areas.

The product gives us a whole range of fragrances suitable for different preferences. The variety enabled us to personalise the fragrances to different areas of the park and try to please different likings. Another great factor of the products is the management and reminder system as it shows when the replacement date is due. One less problem to worry!”

Stylish Designs Oxy-Gen Powered systems are available in two variants, with cartridges that fit both the systems. The Oxy-Gen powered VIVA!e dispensers are stylish, compact, easy to install and operate, and are available in a variety of colours to suit any decor. SHIELD anti-vandal system is the only completely stainless steel air freshness system in the world and is perfect for

facilities more susceptible to theft and vandalism. Oxy-Gen powered cartridges are available in over 25 fragrances available across a wide range, tested for popularity, including marine, floral, citrus, fruity, designer and oriental scents.

Oxy-Gen Powered systems can be safely used in washrooms to tackle malodours as well as in rooms and common areas to provide a comfortable and soothing environment for patients and visitors.

Shield Air Freshness system is a Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2016 finalist (Click here to view) while the VIVA!e system is a Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2016 finalist (Click here to view).

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