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ProductNews Fastec Imaging’s IL5 High-Speed Camera

Fastec Camera allows you to record high-speed video of microscopic events. Both spatial and temporal magnifi cation work in tandem to clarify understanding in applications such as microfluidics, where particles oſt en move through the

fi eld of view very quickly. With four models to choose from 2560×2080 @ 230fps to 800×600 @ 1650 fps, there is an IL5 to fi t your application needs. All models record over 3,200 fps at VGA resolution and more than 18,000 fps at smaller resolutions.

Fastec Imaging

Bruker Introduces Complete Commercial AFM-Based SECM Solution

Bruker’s Nano Surfaces Division today announced the release of scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) capability for its Dimension Icon

atomic force microscope (AFM) platform. Using a proprietary probe design, Bruker’s new PeakForce SECM


and tip-sample interaction with unprecedented precision to provide simultaneous capture of topographical, electrochemical, electrical, and mechanical maps. T is capability provides access to previously unobtainable nanoscale observation of redox reactions and their kinetics.

™ mode controls nanoelectrode tip position

Bruker Corporation

A New Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Beam Combiner that Enables Deeper Tissue Imaging

Semrock introduced their new Multiphoton LaserMUX beam combiners that enable deeper tissue imaging and improved contrast in multi-color and multi-modal fluorescence microscopy. The filters set new performance standards by simultane-

ously achieving high transmission, high refl ection, and low GDD over both refl ection and transmission, while maintaining minimal wavefront distortion. Ideal for combining two femtosecond pulsed laser beams, they are perfect for optogenetics and other life science applications.

Semrock, a unit of IDEX Health & Science, LLC

Nikon Introduces New DS-Fi3 Microscopy Camera and DS-L4 Tablet Interface

Nikon introduced its latest duo for capturing, viewing, and replaying high-resolution microscope images. The DS-Fi3 camera for microscopy features a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor with greatly improved sensitivity and low-noise electronics, while the new DS-L4 tablet interface captures

and records images and movies with exceptional color reproduction. By eliminating the need for a computer-based workstation, Nikon is addressing the needs of imaging professionals, scientists, and laboratory technicians working in fast-paced, mobile environments.

Nikon Instruments Inc.


Vision Engineering Ltd

Pe-300 ultra – Precisely Controlled Illumination for High-Speed Fluorescence Microscopy

With the new pE-300 ultra , users of everyday fl uorophores, such as DAPI, FITC, and TRITC and Cy5, have access to both microsecond switching via multiple TTL inputs and the ability to mount inline excitation fi lters. T is, when paired with today’s high-performance multi-band filter sets, facilitates

imaging traditionally done via a white light source and a fi lter wheel, with all the benefi ts of LED.

CoolLED Limited

doi: 10.1017/S1551929516001024 • 2017 January

Olympus Corporation

Enhanced Capabilities Powers Next Generation of Eyepiece- Less Stereo Microscope

Vision Engineering is introducing an enhanced version of their acclaimed Lynx EVO eyepiece- less stereo microscope, now including the option of powerful zoom multipliers to increase total system magnifi cation up to 240×. Unlike typical stereo microscopes, the patented eyepiece-less design of Lynx EVO eliminates the diffi culty and strains of microscope use, providing unrivalled ergonomic performance to enhance operator productivity and ease of use.

Caliber I.D. Debuts the RS-G4, a New Class of Confocal Microscope

Fusing extraordinary speed with multiple wavelengths for very large-area imaging, Caliber I.D. launches the RS-G4, a new class of modular confocal microscope that delivers confocal’s expected high resolution and clean contrast

while overcoming its limited scan areas. T e RS-G4 dramatically cuts the time required for effi cient study of next-generation large-format samples, including brain slices, plant cross-sections, and large fi elds of cells or tissue critical for high-throughput screening.

Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics, Inc.

Olympus LC30 Color Microscope Camera

The new Olympus LC30 camera’s sensitive CMOS sensor delivers up to 37 frames per second, making the Olympus LC30 fast and easy to control. T e sensitivity of the LC30 camera can be increased by using various binning modes. The Olympus LC30 camera accurately reproduces and records colors using a patented color-correction technology;

Olympus color correction uses precisely calibrated International Color Consortium (ICC) profi les for optimal color reproduction, without requiring any time-consuming processing aſt erward.

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