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Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Completes Acquisition of FEI Company

T ermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc. announced that it has completed its acquisition of FEI Company, Inc. for $107.50 per share in cash, or a total purchase price of approximately $4.2 billion. T e completion of the transaction follows the receipt of all required regulatory approvals. The business will become part of Thermo Fisher’s Analytical Instruments Segment. “FEI is an outstanding strategic fi t with our Analytical Instruments business,” states Marc N. Casper, president and CEO of T ermo Fisher Scientifi c.

Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc. www.thermofi

Sarah Petersen to Receive 2016 KEY Award

NIGHTSEA and Electron Microscopy Sciences are pleased to award the second annual KEY Award for New Faculty to Dr. Sarah Petersen of Kenyon College. Dr. Petersen, the new Ashby Denoon Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, will receive a NIGHTSEA SFA outfi tted with two excitation/emission combinations plus $750 in supplies from the EMS catalog. The KEY Award is awarded annually and is open to

individuals entering their fi rst faculty position at a U.S. non-profi t college or university.


Olympus Microscopy Store

Olympus’s new Microscopy web store makes it simple for customers to find the products they want. Customers in the United States and Canada can now purchase products when it is convenient for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Olympus manufactures products and solutions for life science applications ranging from cell culturing to cytology, pathology, neuroscience imaging, live cell imaging, education, and more. In the new web store, Olympus customers can shop for consumables and microscope accessories.

Olympus Corporation

SmartAlign for DigitalMicrograph

HREM Research Inc. introduced SmartAlign for DigitalMicrograph. SmartAlign corrects slow instability of probe scanning system (scan distortion) from fast-acquisition multi-frame images using rigid and non-rigid image alignment. T us, SmartAlign restores resolution before degradation and improves image quality. In a scanning transmission electron microscope or scanning tunneling microscope, low-frequency instabilities, such as stage driſt and scan distortion, change from image to image and degrade resolution even when images are added aſt er rigid alignment.

HREM Research Inc.


CAMECA Launches SKAPHIA Shielded Electron Probe Initiative

CAMECA announced the launch of the SKAPHIA Shielded Electron Probe Initiative, which brings together key players in the nuclear industry and nuclear research community to develop the next generation of shielded electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA). T e next-generation EPMA will allow scientists to gain a deeper understanding of fuel performance, explore irradiated material behavior and radiation damage processes, develop innovative alloys and structural materials, optimize the nuclear fuel cycle, and achieve better nuclear waste management.

CAMECA, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc.

Glencoe Software and ZEISS Partner to Build Open-Source File Reader for Whole Slide Imaging

Glencoe Software and ZEISS will collaborate to extend the open-source Bio-Formats

library to support whole slide images compressed with the JPEG XR compression scheme, like those

® image fi le conversion

recorded by the ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1 virtual slide scanner. ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1 is a fast and reliable whole slide scanner for bright- fi eld and fl uorescence samples that is used to record virtual slides of tissue sections.

ZEISS Microscopy and Glencoe Software and

13 th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium

WITec annually invites researchers and specialists from widely ranging fields to an international conference to share ideas and hear about the latest developments in Raman microscopy. This year 78 scientists converged to discuss topics as diverse as life science, pharmaceutics, and materials research. With confocal Raman imaging the molecules of a sample can be chemically identifi ed and their distribution can be imaged three- dimensionally. T ese benefi ts have recently gained recognition in biological, medical, and pharmaceutical research.

WITec GmbH

AXT Named Nanolive’s Distributor of the Year

AXT has been named Nanolive’s Distributor of the Year in the first year since the 3D Cell Explorer was released. This unique tomographic microscope has generated interest resulting in over 100 sales globally. The Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer is a tomographic, holographic microscope that has been designed for live-cell imaging.

AXT Pty. Ltd.

doi: 10.1017/S1551929516001012 • 2017 January

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