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Industry News

Rigaku Announces Synchrotron Optics Refurbishment Program and New Optics and Coatings for Synchrotron Applications

Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT) announces that it cleans and recoats old synchrotron optics to either retask the optics for new applications or to refurbish and repair the coatings to enhance performance. This proprietary

process restores the optics’ performance with less lead time and at a far lower cost than purchasing new optics. T e company also off ers new optics and coatings for synchrotron applications, delivering high refl ectivity and precision.

Rigaku Innovative Technologies

Bruker Bio AFM Enables Advanced DNA Research at University of Leeds

Bruker’s Nano Surfaces Division reports on the groundbreaking use of a Dimension FastScan Bio

of Leeds to investigate biological and biomolecular systems. Neil Thomson’s group has used the system’s high-speed scanning, exceptional force control, and high-resolution performance to characterize DNA systems, such as DNA-protein interactions and DNA origami structures. Furthermore, Simon Connell’s team has characterized the temperature-dependent dynamic behavior of critical biomimetic lipid membranes.

™ AFM system at the University

Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

Stéphane Bussa Appointed Physik Instrumente Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Motion control and nanopositioning solutions expert PI (Physik Instrumente) has named Stéphane Bussa as Vice President, Sales & Marketing, in Karlsruhe, Germany. “With Stéphane Bussa, we have found a very successful and experienced sales expert, and we are happy that someone within the PI Group takes this great career opportunity,“ said Dr. Karl Spanner, President and CEO of the PI Group.

PI (Physik Instrumente)

Semrock Launches SearchLight™ App for iPhone & iPad

Semrock, a unit of IDEX Health & Science, LCC, the global authority in fl uidics and optics for the life sciences market, has launched the SearchLight app for iPhone & iPad. SearchLight is an online modeling resource for fl uorescence microscopists and optical system designers. With the launch of the SearchLight app, all of the popular features of the online version are now available on mobile devices.

Semrock, a unit of IDEX Health & Science, LLC

2017 January •

Reducing Photobleaching Effects in STED Microscopy

Onefi ve announced further microscopy developments obtained with the use of its Katana HP laser as STED laser. This Katana HP laser was developed as a depletion laser for STED super-resolution fluores- cence microscopy. STED microscopy can in principle

achieve unlimited resolution, but in reality it is limited by eff ects like photobleaching, which damages the samples. Scientists have found a solution by combining time-gated detection techniques with the use of the Katana HP laser as an STED laser.

Onefi ve GmbH www.onefi

Olympus Discovery Center at the University Of Texas at Dallas Brings Leading-Edge Microscopy Tools to Researchers

Olympus opened the Olympus Discovery Center at the University of Texas at Dallas, which makes advanced microscopy equipment accessible to researchers. T e Olympus Discovery Center refl ects one of the core philosophies of Olympus—that of supporting researchers by providing innovative microscopy equipment to help them push forward the frontiers of science. T e Olympus Discovery Center houses some of the most advanced Olympus light microscopy equipment.

Olympus Corporation

TMC Names Darren Chao Technical Manager for Asia

With the growing global demand for advanced vibration cancel- ation systems, TMC found it crucial for its in-house experts to provide technical support at regional activity hubs around the world. Mr. Chao has a very strong background in fl oor vibration control measurement and analysis and in providing application support of vibration-sensitive tools. He is responsible for providing advanced technical support for TMC’s Asian customers and for providing training and support to TMC’s staff in Asia.

TMC is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies

Five New Microanalysis Application Notes Released

Oxford Instruments has just released five application notes covering all aspects of microanalysis, from microstructural analysis to advanced EDS at the nanoscale in a FEGSEM, to simultaneous EELS analysis in the TEM. T e note titles are: EBSD Characterization of high-strength lightweight steel, Simultaneous EDS & EELS in the TEM, EDS Characterization of an additively manufactured Ni-base superalloy, Nanometer scale EDS analysis using low-kV FEGSEM and a windowless EDS detector, and EBSD: Discriminating phases in steels .

Oxford Instruments


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