FOCUS ON CORNWALL Device installation at Wave HubCASE STUDY

completed the installation of Seatricity’s Oceanus 2 Wave Energy Converter. The Oceanus 2 was relaunched in Falmouth and towed by KML’s Severn Sea to the Wave Hub test site off Hayle, Cornwall.


In May 2016 Keynvor Morlift Limited (KML), a marine contractor and vessel owner with an independent deep water wharf in Falmouth, successfully

Once on site, the Severn Sea led the installation working closely with its dive partners, Seawide Services. The wave converter’s pre-laid positional moorings were surveyed, surfaced, amended and repaired as required. The Severn Sea’s integrated LW Cougar XT ROV then proceeded to survey the seabed for the pump’s main

KML are proud to be able to add this installation at Wave Hub to its list of deployment, O&M and decommissioning activities in the marine renewables sector and look forward to welcoming other wave energy developers to the region and supporting them with its in-house fleet and resources.


As the demand for the development of marine renewable energy technology increases globally and in the UK, the requirement for innovative design and technology has grown. With their years of experience in research and development Severn Subsea Technologies (SST), who are specialist in the fields of subsea, marine renewable energy and high pressure high temperature engineering, have more recently flourished in the design of control and electrical systems for wave energy converters.


SST were successful in the development and production of an integrated telemetry and control system for the Seatricity Oceanus 2 wave device. This enabled researchers to correlate wave movement with power generated by feeding the data back to shore via a UHF radio modem link and thus gain a better understanding of the optimum power generating conditions offshore.


Based on this proven track record SST has been awarded a contract to design


elements of the control and electrical systems for ‘WaveSub’, a next generation wave energy converter from Marine Power Systems (MPS). SST have a unique understanding of the significant challenges faced with the development of this system, such as the need to ensure that the design is able to deal with the harsh marine environment, the pressures and temperatures involved and can function with a limited power budget.


Dr Gareth Stockman, co-founder and Managing Director of Marine Power Systems commented: “We are very pleased to award this contract to SST due to their proven track record with control systems in the application of marine renewables. MPS has worked with SST on numerous previous projects; we have

every confidence in the highly specialist team to deliver our requirements for the quarter scale prototype, ahead of deployment at sea.”


A great advantage that SST has is their integrated approach at a business level. They employ a wide scope of highly trained and qualified experts in the fields of mechanical, electrical and software engineering.

This enables them to deliver a system based approach to the development of mechanical, software, communications and electrical design, together with project management, to fully satisfy the requirements of the customer and the projects that they deliver.

Severn Subsea Technologies

reactive tether which had remained on site after a previous deployment. By manoeuvring the ROV in 3D and using its manipulators, all potential hazards were cleared one by one to prepare for the ROV to connect a lift line. The main tether was then raised to a lower water depth from where the dive team carefully handled the re-attachment to the Oceanus 2’s pump.


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