Invest in Cornwall exists to support businesses and developers looking to or expand their current operations or set up a new business entirely

The organisation’s Inward Investment Consultants work to ensure potential investors are fully informed of the benefits that Cornwall offers, be that through introductions to the right people, knowledge sharing or business support.


Choosing the right location for business is crucial, which is why they can provide investors with a ‘soft landing’ trip which enables individuals to fully immerse themselves in Cornwall before making a decision. The itinerary of each soft landing is fully bespoke and designed by Inward Investment Consultants to suit the needs of the investor who work hard to ensure each trip provides a fuller picture of the region and the sector, drawing on local knowledge and a long list of sector contacts.


The Growth Hub acts as a signposting service, referring you to support that will help you to start or grow your business in Cornwall.

They have a team of locally based experts who work directly with businesses to help them identify and access support in a way that is right for them.


Marine specialist Business Connector, Matt Borne is looking to replicate the work The Growth Hub is doing in other sectors such as Agri-tech as highlighted in the following case study…


Australian wave energy technology developer, Carnegie Clean Energy, secured a berth at Wave Hub to provide clean, wave powered energy to the national grid. Invest in Cornwall played a key role in the assisting with the company’s move from Australian to UK waters with a soft landing trip. After discussing their long term plans

for Cornwall and where they would like to see their project going, a tailored itinerary was put together to introduce them to the most useful and influential people required to get the project up and running including representatives from the local supply chains, Cornwall Council and Local Enterprise Partnership. Utilising Cornwall’s expertise around marine design, construction and operations, combined with EU grant funding, means

Carnegie Clean Energy can save time and resources on planning, implementing and deploying their technology.


Peter Holland, Inward Investment Consultant and Marintech specialist says: “Cornwall is a world class destination for marine renewables technology. From research and development, to funding, infrastructure and supply chain, the region offers everything a business needs in one dynamic region. My role is to help investors negotiate this highly established ecosystem and ensure that investors are able to take full advantage of these benefits.”

Invest in Cornwall


The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Hub provides Cornish based businesses or people thinking of setting up a business in Cornwall with a single point for accessing a wide range of information and support.


James Daniel owns start up business Precision Grazing Ltd based near Launceston, which specialises in the design, installation and management of grazing systems for livestock. Their innovative approach considers the needs of the land, animal and farmer to sustainably increase production whilst lowering costs.

Recognising he could benefit from some additional support, James got in touch with the Growth Hub and Business Connector Emma went out to meet him. She was impressed with James’s energy

and enthusiasm for getting the venture off the ground and the significant amount of research he had already undertaken into the proposition. James explained: “I had a visit from Emma to talk about the business, to explain what we had set up so far and what we were looking to achieve. We discussed what support was available such as mentoring, help with the legal side of doing business and even basic things like identifying the availability of superfast broadband. Advice in these areas is paramount and to know what options you have available to you is really helpful.” The Growth Hub supported James to think about protecting his intellectual property and Emma also investigated grant funding for workspace and if coaching could help James to further develop his business. With a specialist background in working with the agricultural sector, Emma could also quickly link James up with industry contacts to bring in their expertise.

Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Hub

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