APPROACH Wave energy devices are inherently highly dynamic in nature and typically installed in offshore regions with the potential for severe wave and current conditions As such, any mooring systems and power take-off mechanisms must be able to withstand significant dynamic motions and loadings for the duration of the energy device lifetime.


There is a trade-off between the cost of the cable per metre and the cost of any additional protection required. A cable that is so strong and stiff that it does not require further accessories is not likely to be economically viable. However, a cheaper cable design may

require so much additional protection that the risk and cost of installation are increased. This becomes a real concern when moving to array-scale projects.

As a company with a track record and client base in both cable design and design verification of cable accessories, AgileTek offer a unique perspective on this challenge. The amount of cable protection required can be optimised by taking an integrated approach to the design of the cable and protection yielding a cost-effective yet robust design under dynamic loading conditions. Dynamic cables require well-designed armour layers to ensure torsional balance and a high safe working load. This also increases the bend stiffness of the cable, which helps maintain the cable MBR under extreme loading conditions. With a good cable design as a starting point, screening analysis can be used to determine potential catenary configurations based on a huge number of combinations of parameters. These include: wave energy device offset, catenary length, buoyancy type, size and position as well as bulk cable parameters.

Having found a suitable candidate catenary design, detailed analysis can size dynamic bend stiffeners to minimise fatigue damage under operational conditions and cable bending under extreme conditions. At this point, sections of cable with

buoyancy modules or other attachments can have their lengths optimised to minimise cable and interface loads.


This integrated approach to cable design and protection can be performed and re-evaluated at any stage from device concept design to detailed project engineering. The process leads to increased installation operability, identification of limiting load conditions and cable and protection design that delivers the best combined performance and value.


Innovation and expertise

Leading the way in the international renewables industry.

JDR have the technical expertise and in-depth sector knowledge to design, test and deliver the next-generation of cable technologies. Leading the development of inter- array cable design and manufacture, we have created comprehensive systems for some of the world’s largest offshore wind projects.

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