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I didn’t realise that my comments have such a following and that they can become a topic of conversation between friends of ours. By all accounts that is what happened last month when I took advantage of my position to hint to my other half for a weekend away for Valentines. It was even misinterpreted that I may be going to surprise him! Well, we had no weekend away but did manage a nice meal out and,

if nothing else, it has certainly put the wheels in motion as we’ve started looking when we can grab a weekend in Mojacar. So mission almost accomplished.

Now I’ll use my position to hint at my children…. yes kids it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 6th March and I do intend to be spoilt by you both and enjoy a day of rest… you are both warned.

I’ve recently taken the step of enrolling myself at the gym, after 2 years without any form of exercise it almost killed me at first. Now I’m finding the most difficult part is the motivation each day to get there. Well, that coupled with the fact that a change in my diet should also be undertaken. And coming up to Easter time when you see so much chocolate in all the shops makes it even harder. I made the mistake of trying a Galaxy Bubbles mini egg and now I simply have to buy one every time I see one (or 2 as it has been more recently)! But I am determined to enjoy this summer feeling a little more confident in myself and my body so I must stick to it.

Congratulations to Audrey Ford from Algorfa who won the January 50€ competition after spotting the logo on

page 13. See if you can spot the logo in this issue for a chance to win, see alongside for details of how to enter. Good luck!

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