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Pat focuses on the faces behind our Local Businesses Cathy Reynolds -

Cathy’s Curiosity Corner Benijofar.

Cathy was born in Ireland but her family moved to Leeds when she was 3, then in her 20s she moved to London and then later on to Wales.

After driving to Spain in 2002 from her home in Wales (where she had a bar), Cathy spent time looking around and meeting people until she was offered a bar job. In 2003 she took over the lease of the bar, decided to rent her house out in Wales, and she never went back. After leasing the bar for 6 years, she decided to go in a different direction, gardening! She did gardening jobs for 2 years which she really enjoyed. In 2011 she reached the age where she always said she would have a break when she got there - the big 50! During her well deserved break, sadly Cathy suffered a breakdown where she couldn’t face people, get out of bed or go out of the house. This lasted for about 3 months during which time doctors diagnosed the breakdown and the start of depression. Her days were spent on the internet, where she started to buy anything and everything, whether she needed it or not. Her house and garage were suddenly full up with furniture and so she then asked a friend to store some of it for her. Her friend suggested she should try and sell some of the items and introduced her to a lady in Benijofar who had a shop. When they arrived at the shop, it

contained fewer items than Cathy had in her house and, as the lady was struggling to pay her mortgage, Cathy offered to rent the shop from her, and so Cathy´s Curiosity Corner was born. She had a really good feeling about the shop, hoping she could not only help herself, but charities as well. She started with the Elche Children’s Home by having a bric-a-brac table - totally separate from the shop items, so the money goes straight to the charity. Reach Out for the homeless and The Dog You Need - Peter Singh are the other 2 charities she supports. Cathy is now the treasurer of the Children’s Home Charity. The shop has now been open for 3 years and Cathy absolutely loves it. Not only does she buy and sell items, if you have an item that she doesn’t want to buy, she will sell it for you and put the commission into one of the charity boxes. Due to requests from customers she has also started to sell gift vouchers. Her office has been nicknamed ‘Cathy’s Counselling Centre’ by the many people that visit just for a chat and a cup of tea! She is so bubbly, friendly and approachable, it’s no wonder she is so popular and well known. Opening the shop changed Cathy’s life for the better, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Helping you turn your house into a home... Cathy's Curiosity Corner, telephone 622 899 906 or visit

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