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QF Focus Magazine How to cure your slice by playing a different game!

How many of you really know how a golf club works and how spin is imparted on the golf ball? In my experience not many. To understand these principles is of paramount importance if we are to learn how to control our golf shots and ultimately play better golf and lower our score. Golf can, believe it or not. be compared to other sports that you might have played e.g. tennis, football etc. Once we start to think about how we would impart spin on the ball in those sports, things will become much clearer in golf.

So let’s get started on how we can cure the shot most people want to change when they have a lesson with me. The “Dreaded Slice”.

Let’s look at how a golf club is moving when we slice. The important thing to notice is where the club starts in the backswing. If it moves from high to low, the direction that the club moves in at impact will be to the left. Ok. This is where our knowledge of other sports will help change the outcome. I would like you to think about this: if you were going to hit a tennis ball with topspin where would you start your backswing. Would the racket start from a high position? I don’t think so; this would produce a very different outcome. So let’s think about how the club should move to produce the opposite spin to the slice, that elusive draw spin. I feel the club must start from a lower position in the backswing to promote the appropriate movement through the ball. It will almost feel like you are moving the club from low to high, and the club will feel like it is swinging almost away from the body through impact. Consequently the body will be moving much more freely in the swing. Very much like the top spin tennis shot. You will start to notice that you will be making contact with a different part of the ball.

You will feel a big difference in the way your club and you are moving. You will start to feel that the motion you are now making will be free and much more powerful. But by exploring these ideas you will be well on your way to playing better golf. Exploration is the key to success.

Adrian Rudge, PGA Advanced Golf Professional.

If you would like any information about lessons with Adrian please contact him on 670 291 788 or by email at: Adrian is based at Greenlands Golf and Vistabella Golf Club.

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