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Hi! I’ve just eaten some rice cakes and later I might have a roast. I’m not sure what else I’ll do today but I might adjust my bike seat. I’ll definitely watch The Walking Dead and I’ll probably listen to Father John Misty. What are you up to? What music are you into? Text back x

Tere’s a band called Halestorm because this woman is in it and so is her brother and their surname is Hale and hail is like snow but hurts more. So if you have a Hail Storm it is really dramatic and full on, a bit like Tunder Snow and Weather Bombs in general, so it’s a really good idea for a band name because it means lots of powerful things but is also quite clever. Tey are playing at the UEAon the 2nd.

Or if you want you can see Te Magic Lantern + Alabaster DePlume + Mari Joyceat Te Bicycle Shop on the same day. “Alabaster is a rare man”. Pfft.

Jaws are pretty good IMO and they’re at Epic Studios on the 3rd.OR also on the 3rd you can go and see Ninja Tune artist DELS, he’s well good, properly new and interesting hip hop. Tat’s at NAC.

Te following day Dry Te River play NACin support of their second album. Bring hankies and that. Tey can be emotional and babes love hankies.

Remember Funeral For A Friend? Well, they’re

playing with Grader + Svalbard at Te Waterfront Studioon the 6th.

Te Unthanks + Raevennan Husbandes play at OPENon the same day but really I think you should all be heading to NACwhere Pony Up brings you a headline show by electronic super hero Popopand his full band. Also playing are Let’s Eat Grandma, who are badass, and a band from outta town (say wha?!) called Te Venus Lyx.

Te day after (7th , duh) go and check out Emmanel Jal and Juliani at NAC.

On the 8thyou can see Jon Gomm@ Te Owl Sanctuary. He has a “revolutionary virtuoso guitar style”. Lol.

Woody Pines are “entertaining acts on the Americana circuit”. OMG go and see them at Te Bicycle Shopon the 10th. If the press release says it, it must be true!

Nothing But Tieves play Epic Studioson the 11th. Tey look like they’re boring but who knows.

(I felt bad, so I listened to them in between the last sentence and this one. Tey’re not that boring but they sound a bit like Bon Jovi.)

If you don’t want to see that, then you can go to Te Owl Sanctuaryand see some bands with stupid names: Red City Radio, Pears, Fexet & Bear Trade.Music will probs be alright though.

✯✯✯✯✯ GRAVY’S TRACK of the

MONTH ✯✯✯✯✯



DMP presents Tis is the Kit @ NACALSO on the 11th. Also playing is Mari Joyce and Te Little Unsaid. I think it’s fair to say that there will be a lot of Vegan meals eaten in Norwich that night. I have seen Tis is the Kit several times and every time has

been a pleasure and Mari Joyce is ACE.

Te Vibrators play Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 13thand if you wanna stick with nostalgia then head down and see Quireboysat the Te Brickmakerson the 15th.

Placeboare at the UEAon the 15th.

On the 19th Rag n Bone Manis at Te Waterfront Studio. I can’t really work out what his deal is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Pony Up returns on the

20th, and Menance Beach headline. Tey’re all over 6music at the moment and they’re gonna be smashing. Tat’s with SuperGlu and Teen Brains. <3.

Lewcal faves Morganway play Openalso on the 20th. And that band what everyone in Norwich wet themselves over are playing on the 21st in support of Sheelanagig at NAC; that’s Feral Mouth, folks.

Te Handsome Familyare back! Like an old friend! Tis time with Daniel Knox @ NACon the 23rd.

Kill It Kidplay at Te Waterfront Studioon the 24th. I like them very much indeed.

Ward Tomas are at NAC on the 24thand Te Four Owlsplay EPICon the 25th.

Rival Sonsplay their rescheduled UEAdate on the 26th.

Port Isla + Walking On Cars are at OPENon the 27th. Tey’re doing well for themelves, them boys. Errors are entirely smashing and great for a dance. Tey play Spectro at NACon the 30th.

It’s a busy month and there’s loads more than what’s on this page so check out the listings and write your own Liveline if you want. In your room, alone. I don’t care.

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