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so quickly? It wasn’t just a thing that was happening in the States, it was also happening everywhere else too. To this day we make it a point to reach out to our fans worldwide and that’s why we tour so much in so many different countries. We’ve cultivated that relationship and it’s important to us. It can be a bit stale playing to Americans sometimes; we find it refreshing to play to other nationalities in other places. Tey jump out of their skin with excitement ‘cos you’re there, and they don’t get that kind of entertainment all the time so they really appreciate it. You’ve got 6 million friends on Facebook but I wondered if you’ve ever had a crazy fan situation? Oh yes. It’s really flattering to have these kinds of fans but at the same time…like “Woah. Tat chick just showed me a picture of her bedroom and she’s made a pillow out of my face!” And I wonder what her husband thinks about that! It’s totally rad that we have fans who are

“Woah. That chick just showed me a picture of her bedroom and she’s made a pillow out of my face!”

super-into the band like that but at the same time I think I would feel really bad if my wife had a picture of some other man’s face on her pillow! Tey have no shame in showing you these pictures…they’re like…”Check this out!” And I’m like…”Tat’s weird!” So you’ve been together for over 20 years now, and your sound’s evolved but I think you’ve retained your identity as a band. How have you managed to stay the distance when so many other bands have not? I don’t really know. We just prove ourselves with our live shows and have memorable songs that mean something personally to people. Maybe it’s just because we’ve been stubborn and never stepped away and have continued to put out records that we’re proud of. We always want to do things better and try new things, although that sometimes puts people off because albums don’t sound the same as the last one. Some people don’t like it when their favourite band’s played on the radio all the time. But we’ve won over a lot of fans, toured consistently and playing with all sorts of different bands. We do meet and greets with our fans and ask them how they got into Papa Roach, and it’s crazy how many new fans we have. Our fans are a real mixture of genders, ages…everything really. Your lyrics tend to be emotional and confessional, and perhaps help your fans to make sense of the world and their place in it. How autobiographical are the words you choose to use? You use those emotions when you’re creating and writing the song. But when you get on stage it’s more about connecting with the band and performing and rocking out. Tere is the energy that the song makes you feel but we don’t get too deep into it when we’re performing. Your eighth album, F.E.A.R, has just come out. Can you describe it for me? It’s an acronym…Face Everything and Rise. It’s a phrase that Jacoby felt summed up this record. It’s about rising from the ashes, overcoming your fears, dealing with the shit that / March 2015 / 13

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