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he band got together 11 years ago now; how have you changed during that time?


Errors are a band of Glaswegian musicians who have been creating post-electro music for the last 11 years.

Signed to Mogwai’s label, their latest album Lease of Life is out on 23rd March and was partly written on the remote island where Te KLF are rumoured to have burned one million pounds. It’s a step forward for the band, with fresh sounds inspired by 90’s keyboards and guest vocalists. I chatted with guitarist and keyboard player Simon about getting older and Celebrity Comedown With Me (that ain’t no spelling mistake, readers).

16 / March 2015/

Yeah we’ve changed, musically and probably as people in every way possible. 11 years is a long time to be doing anything and the most obvious change is in the music really, for people who are our fans. Tey won’t notice that we’ve become old and have become interested in old people things, and want to spend our money on things other than keyboards! Why are you called Errors? Good question! I think we were struggling for a name. Tere’s no exciting story for that. We’d agreed to do a gig with a friend’s band, and we didn’t have a name, so we just came up with Errors. I think a friend named us actually. If we were starting out now I think I’d probably go for a new name. I’m not the biggest fan of it but we weren’t expecting it to carry on and do the things we ended up doing. Speaking of naming, how do you go about naming your tracks and albums? Usually it’s the result of a stupid conversation we were having at the time on tour! I used to write them down in a notebook, things that were funny, but I stopped and then when we came to try and get track titles for the new album we really struggled. You may notice the track titles are a bit more serious this time; it’s due to a lack of imagination and we’ve not been touring much. Your album Come Down With Me was a play on Come Dine With Me, and you followed it up with Celebrity Come Down With Me with remixes by people like Gold Panda. Is Come Dine With Me the band’s favourite show? I’ve watched so many, I couldn’t pick one. I do enjoy a celebrity one; I’m amazed that a celebrity, or indeed anyone would want to put themselves through that humiliation. It’s like destroying yourself! I don’t really know if I’m that interested in watching a regular person eat their dinner! I think James had some good ideas for people who would be on Celebrity Comedown With Me; celebrities on comedowns. Live, brutal television! You wrote some of your new album on the remote island of Jura where only 200 people live and millions of deer. Did this environment affect the sound of this album? Te idea was to go away to somewhere remote and concentrate; there’s no Internet there so we didn’t get as distracted. It was great to have the solitude, but also there’s lots of interesting history on Jura. Tat’s where

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