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huge for us. We cannot wait; the first Wembley show is my birthday! What better present could you ask for? You’ve blown up massively in the last few years but have been involved in bands for years. Has it been a bit overwhelming and how have you managed to stay grounded? It’s been overwhelming at times, but it’s more just the pace of things. It’s been going at 100mph and we’ve not really had that time to sit back and reflect. We had about six days off at Christmas and that was nice, but we love to be back out on the road again.


oyal Blood are Mike and Ben. Tey wear black. Tey make rock music that’s a cross between Te White Stripes, Muse and the

Foo Fighters, but with a thrilling secret ingredient that has catapulted them to stardom in the last couple of years. Te guys began playing together in 2013 in Brighton, and before their first single had even been released the drummer from the Arctic Monkeys was spotted wearing a Royal Blood t shirt. After playing Glastonbury and Reading last year as well as SXSW and T in the Park, their debut album came out and was named the fastest selling British rock album for the past three years. Jimmy Page is a fan. I’m a fan. You’re a fan. Your nan’s a fan. Te Foo Fighters are fans, and have asked them to support them along with Iggy Pop on tour this year. But before that, they’re playing a sold out gig at UEA. Tey last played here as part of the Norwich Sound & Vision festival back in 2013. It’s the hottest ticket in town (city), and this band that in music industry terms is only a toddler, has already got a full set of teeth and is enjoying a juicy steak. Tey didn’t have much time to chat, but I stole a couple minutes with them to ask them how it feels to play Wembley on your birthday.

How did you guys meet and get together? I met Ben at a talent show. I saw him playing drums and I fancied his girlfriend! He was a phenomenal drummer and the nicest man in the world. What was the crowd’s reaction to Royal Blood at your first gig together? Tat’s a good question, and not one that’s been asked before. It was a mixed reaction. It was an open mic night and we turned up with the bass amp and the kit

28 / March 2015/

so we certainly stood out! It was only one day after our first rehearsal. You’ve been asked to support Foo Fighters along with Iggy Pop; that’s got to be some sort of dream realised. What do you think it is about you guys that have people, famous and otherwise, fall in love with the band? Absolutely! It’s madness. I don’t know, maybe it’s a case of right place, right time. To be able to play with your heroes is

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of being in Royal Blood so far? I think it’s mainly just being able to do this for a living. It’s the ultimate dream. You were awarded the NME album of the year and iTunes best new artist of 2014, but just missed out on winning the Mercury Prize. Do you think the powers that be in the UK are still a bit afraid of proper rock music? I don’t know, there’s always talk each year about how guitar music is coming back, or being revived. For something to be revived, it needs to be dead. And it’s never been dead. I can hear some elements of Muse, early Soulwax, Soundgarden and Te White Stripes in your music but who have been your main musical inspirations over the years? Led Zeppelin, Queen, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, we have plenty of influences. Ben has a lot of pop tendencies! I really like that there are silences in your music, which fit so nicely up against the noise. How do you go about writing a song together? We tend to get in a room together and come up with an idea. Either Ben will have a drum beat or I’ll have a riff. It’s very much a co-writing process, each bringing our own individual stamp to the process.

Will you be playing any new tracks when you play Norwich? Possibly…you’ll have to come and check it out!


Royal Blood play the Nick Rayns LCR on 5th March

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