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Yogurt Company Debuts New Products

elle+Bella, a family-owned company that markets home yogurt-making products and probiotic formulas, recently added a gluten- and dairy-free starter for use with their newest stainless steel Yogo Yogurt Maker. The new starter was developed to aid customers that suffer from celiac disease or follow a casein- and wheat-free diet. The starter makes four quarts of homemade, probiotic-rich, non-GMO yogurt and works with soy, almond, cow, goat or sheep’s milk. Easy-to-follow instructions produce 2 billion live, active cultures with no additives or preservatives. With its electronic temperature control and digital timer, the Yogo Yogurt Maker does not require the time-consuming step of boiling the milk first. “Now, homemade yogurt is as easy as pouring milk,” says owner Alan Cheung.


Wellness Practical ways to achieve

radiant well-being.

Redefining your best years yet.

For more information, call 339-970-9888, email or visit See ad, page 13.


Wellcare Pharmacy, in Union City, is celebrating its first anniversary. Dr. Hasham Khawaja, PharmD, informally known as Dr. Hash in the neighborhood, holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University, a program recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence. He will continue to provide consultations, answer queries, measure blood pressure and perform tests for diabetes at the pharmacy seven days a week.

Location: 3406 Bergenline Ave. For more information, call 201-590-9040. See ad, page 37.

For more information about advertising and how you can participate, call


973-928-8884 Hudson County

Andrew’s Café, in Bayonne, owned by Master Chef Vasantha Perera, celebrates its third anniversary this month. Using high- quality local, fresh ingredients, the restaurant offers organic dishes for today’s health-conscious diners, featuring vegan, vegetarian, ethnic, gluten-free and meat dishes. Perera is a graduate of the International College of Hospitality Administration (ICHA), in Switzerland, and the Institute of Restaurant and Hospitality Management, in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked as former President Bill Clinton’s holistic chef from 1998 to 2001, after Clinton suffered a heart attack.

Location: 737 Broadway. For more information, call 201-339-0033 or visit See ad, page 19.


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