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Pet Rx for Healthy,

Long Lives Five Keys that

Maximize Wellness by Gerald Buchoff


ets today are suffering from degenerative and autoimmune diseases at ever-increasing rates, often early in life. Allergies, arthritis and epilepsy are frequently diagnosed in young puppies, although only a few years ago these problems rarely occurred before 2 years of age. Ac- cording to a recent study published in DVM NewsMagazine, cancer is now the leading cause of death in dogs and cats.

Diet and environmental pol- lution are among the reasons that our pets often don’t enjoy a 20-year lifespan, and excessive vaccinations and poor genes resulting from unen- lightened or unscrupulous breeding may also play a part. To maximize the well-being of beloved companion animals, implement these five pillars of health: nutrition, coat care, dental care, chiropractic care and physical examinations.

NUTRITION Ideally, feed a raw diet consisting of 75 to 85 percent meat and or-

gan meats, preferably organic, plus steamed or blanched pureed vegeta- bles. Supplement commercial foods with digestive enzymes, such as Pro- zyme, and whole-food supplements like Missing Link.

Do not leave food out all day. Instead, for any dog or cat six months or older, provide two meals a day, each lasting for 10 to 15 minutes. The only other thing that should be avail- able all day for consumption is fresh (non-tap) water. If a dog needs treats, forego biscuits or bread in favor of carrots, apple slices or some other crunchy fruit or vegetable. Never feed dry food only to a cat—add water to the food or offer canned options.


Wherever a pet has skin, even where there’s no fur, brush daily with a wire slicker brush. This only takes a few minutes and reinforces our bonds with our faithful friends. Baths should be spaced no closer than eight weeks apart unless there’s a medical reason. Pets that don’t need grooming can

Help your pet live longer & healthier for less!

• Reduced exposure to harmful vaccines, drugs & toxic flea/tick products • Better Quality of Life • Healthy weight management, healthier skin, coat and teeth

• Decreased risk of diseases: arthritis, allergies, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders • Lower costs • Treatments without side effects: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbs, Laser, Ozone, Essential Oils, Reiki, Natural Nutrition, etc.

Call now for a Holistic Veterinary Consultation. Mention Natural Awakenings to receive a 10% discount.


Dr. Gerald M. Buchoff, Lic. Veterinarian • (973) 256-3899 • 125 Paterson Ave. • Little Falls

28 Hudson County

go their whole lives without a bath if they’re brushed daily.


“Brush” a pet’s teeth daily by smear- ing them with enzymatic toothpaste or using an enzyme spray. These products help dissolve plaque so tar- tar doesn’t form.

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS Having a pet’s spine adjusted every six months may help keep the animal more comfortable and disease-free. Protect a small dog’s spine from in- jury by carrying it down steps.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Dogs and cats younger than 5 years need to be fully examined once a year by a veterinarian—twice yearly if older. Vaccinate pets conserva- tively: Consider two puppy/kitten shots, then triennial vaccinal blood titers. At the time of vaccination and two weeks later, administer protective homeopathic remedies.

Above all, provide plenty of exercise, love and comfort, and try to minimize a pet’s stress. If a dog or cat needs calm- ing relief, add Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy to the drinking water.

Dr. Gerald Buchoff, past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, is the director of Holistic Pet Care, 125 Paterson Ave., in Little Falls, and president of Dr B’s Holistic Pet Products. For more information, call 973-256-3899 or visit See ad, this page.

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