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ries, apples and pears; high-quality protein in omega-3-rich fish such as wild salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel; seeds and nuts such as walnuts; and green tea. It also calls for the vegetable-based protein found in soy foods, beans, lentils and other legumes. Ginger and turmeric, dried or fresh, rank among recommended spices.

In addition to maintaining a healthy and correct balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, an anti-inflammatory diet eliminates consumption of margarine, vegetable shortening and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, all of which promote inflammation.

“Anti-aging researchers believe that chronic inflammation shortens our lifespan,” remarks Jain, who rec- ommends a prophylactic diet specific to the constitutional makeup of any of the three ayurvedic doshas—vata, pitta or kapha—as well as the annual panchakarma detoxification program. He further emphasizes that food should be freshly prepared with fresh ingredients and loving intention. “Proper economic studies would

increase our understanding of the true cost benefit of growing food for the purpose of disease preven- tion,” says Bero. “Many believe that incorporating anti-inflammatory and angiogenesis-inhibiting foods into our daily diet will not only improve

both overall health and the outcome of treatment, it will also go a long way in reducing immediate and long-term health care costs.”

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