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As long as I can remember I have been interested in health and wellness. As a young child, I loved to spend time with Grandma Honey, who was always reading up on natural care. She introduced me to her favorite herbal shampoo and delicious health foods and educated me on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Whenever we were together, she would share some new tidbit of information she had

Debra Tucker

picked up from her radio programs or ladies magazines. The neighborhood kids nicknamed her “Grandma Chemicals” because she perpetually cautioned, “Don’t eat that! It’s full of chemicals.” She made a lasting impression on me and, I’d wager, many others.

Once I became a mother and wife, I knew that educating my own family about optimum wellness had to be a priority. Yet, I was surprised to hear myself sounding like my grandmother: “Are you sure you want to eat that? It’s loaded with dyes and preservatives. Do you know what that stuff does to your young body?” Grandma Chemicals would be proud. My two daughters have become accus- tomed to my kindly rants and have surrendered to the inevitable as they’ve come into their own. Brianna, on a visit home from her first semester at college, surprised me by announcing, “Hey Mom, make me a veggie shake please. The food in col- lege is awful. There is nothing healthy. My body needs some nutrients.” I was beaming!

These days I often overhear my seventh-grader, Emma, explaining the family’s well-used Jack LaLanne juicer to a group of girlfriends during a sleepover. I hear her detailing the importance of vegetables in detoxifying the body. “Kale is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables available,” she advises. Mentally patting myself on the back, I pop downstairs for a minute to witness the new recruits enjoying a kale, carrot, apple, cucumber and lemon concoction.

The upshot is that on Saturday mornings most of Emma’s sleepover friends now ask, “Hey Debbbiieee… can you make us veggie shakes?” Their mothers are astounded at the change. I feel fortunate in having a small healthy influence on these beautiful young ladies. So here I am now, the publisher of a Natural Awakenings magazine with thousands of readers. How I got here is a story saved for another day. Most impor- tantly, I am working in a field that I cherish, meeting scores of wonderful healthy living practitioners and businesses eager to meet you in these pages and in person, and I’m loving it!

I invite you to join me in experiencing all the good our community has to of- fer based on its rich cultural diversity. We have something for everyone, including departments for Natural Pet, Healthy Kids, Fit Body, Conscious Eating and Salud y Bienestar (Health and Wellness). Each month we will provide all the articles from that month’s issue on our website in Spanish under the tab Salud y Bienestar, at We are proud to be the county’s only bilingual wellness publica- tion. How wonderful that it provides an opportunity to share helpful knowledge across cultures and generations. I know you’re going to love it.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Natural Awakenings is printed on recycled newsprint with soy- based ink.

4 Hudson County Debra Tucker, Publisher

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