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“ Prioritorise work that should be attended to

first and determine what activities are important but not time-critical and can be pushed back by two weeks or more until the individual responsible for that specific task returns to the office. Equally, managers need to ensure that critical

activities are clearly delegated and that individuals understand their new responsibilities. But more important is managing the expectations of both clients and staff alike. “Having strong working

relationships with clients allows businesses to manage their order books more effectively,” says Bowles. “On the flip side, it is important to cross train your workforce and arm them with additional skills which will enable the business to reduce issues where tasks cannot be completed whilst the relevant worker is on holiday.” Bowles goes on to stress the point that if a

business is considering turning to a temporary staffing provider such as Smart Solutions, employers need to build a good working

Failure to manage staffing shortages effectively at critical times could have a knock-on effect for businesses.

relationship with their recruiter – the better their relationship the greater the understanding the recruiter will have of the employers’ staffing needs who will then be able to provide the best talent available to match the needs of the employer. However, to avoid the ‘that’s not my job’ retort

that some employees may levy, it is important that managers pitch in with the tasks that need to be done and reassure those not involved in the decision making process that their contribution is important so as to instil a real team spirit and put aside any egos. Indeed, a simple ‘thank

you’ for their extra effort can go a long way to keep people motivated to continue working hard and minimise the risk of staff bemoaning or complaining. Of course it’s not just the

Nathan Bowles of Smart Solutions

minions who swan off into the sun at this time of year; the boss is also entitled to their time off too.

So when the senior management team take

their leave of absence at some exclusive resort, sipping a glass or three of Chateau Margaux or some other fine wine most of us would need to remortgage our homes to be able to


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