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believe it, Andi and his father. That would be so cool.

nothing to do with its creation. As an aside it’s the first time I appear on camera be- cause my friends were complaining that they never saw me in any of the previous movies. We each separately made our way

to Kathmandu where we met up again in the tourist ghetto and spent another week together exploring the city. Almost every night we went to the western bar “Tom & Jerry’s” which has become quite famous due to the fact that a lot of mountain climbing expeditions go there to celebrate a successful climb. It was cool to see shirts and memorabilia on the walls from all the famous mountain climbers I had been reading about. There was even a big Canadian flag on the ceiling with a great poem proclaiming you weren’t Canadian unless you knew who, among others, Don Cherry and The Tragically Hip were. That

I said goodbye to all my friends I had made and flew to Bangkok, Thailand where I hung out in their tourist ghetto Khoasan Road for 9 days which is a really crazy place. Just loads of hotels restau- rants, stores, etc. catering to backpackers. I hiked all over Bangkok checking out amaz- ing Wats (temples) and the Grand Palace. I was even able to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Carolina Hurricanes NHL play-off series in my hotel room on ESPN Thailand. On the Saturday I headed out to Lumphini Park to play some Ultimate pickup. There I met Michael Riley who let me come to his office and hook my computer up to his network where I was able to upload my Nepal movies. I had dinner with him and his girlfriend that night where I met his friend Mark who is George Winston’s (Windham Hill artist) tour manager. I booked a flight to Mai Hong Son in

made me feel at home. I even spotted a frisbee hanging on the wall and proceeded to show one of the owners “Tom” how to throw a forehand. If Nepal puts a team into Worlds next year I will feel like I had a hand in it. Nepal was absolutely my favourite

place that I visited and I am already mak- ing plans to return early in 2004 to trek to Everest Base Camp with, if you can


northern Thailand where I met a 22 year old Swiss girl named Sonia. We spent some time exploring in Mai Hong Son, going to Karen villages and mostly swimming be- cause it was so unbelievably hot. We then took a bus and then some motorcycle taxis to Sap- pong where we hiked to a school near the Burmese border that is protected by the army because of all the feuding going on there due to the Opium trade. Coming back we trekked along and mostly through a river to get back to the Cave Lodge where we were staying and got caught by the dark. That was very in- teresting trying to find our way in absolute darkness along a flowing river. Luckily it was raining and we could see the reflection of the sky on the path because it was wet. We also visited the world renowned cav- erns there. One cave ceiling was 27 meters (over 80 feet) high. The cave is also home

to about 100,000 birds that enter and exit the cave once a day, what a sight. We traveled to Chang Mai where we said goodbye and I spent a day or two shop- ping there and watching the World Cup (of Soccer) at an Irish Pub. Now it was vacation time. (I have

found that most people who have never traveled think that traveling is a vacation. But as all travelers know, when you travel you are subjecting yourself to hardships that you never ever experience at home therefore traveling is the opposite of a va- cation.) I took a plane to Koh Samui then a water ferry to Koh Pha Ngan and found a very remote beach that Michel had told me about to chill out on for 12 days. It was amazing. Great people, about 20 or more dogs and about 12 new born pup- pies, electricity for 6 hours a day, Swedish sisters, and everybody played Frisbee there. They’d all come up to me and ask me how to throw a forehand. I practiced freestyle there every day too. I also finished reading “The Art of Happiness” written by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler, a western psy- chiatrist. That is the most helpful book I’ve ever read. I think about what I’ve learned from that book every minute of my life now. Twice a day we would

congregate at one of two TV’s to watch the World Cup on the beach (they have satellite dishes there). Once during a semi-final game the owner switched the TV to Showtime during half- time. Much to my shock the

movie that was on was “Urban Legend - Fi- nal Cut” the scene we were watching was when the girl is chased through a music scoring stage. The very studio I had spent the last 14 years in, the very room that was shut down after 30 years on my last day of work February 1st, 2002. I almost spit up my drink. Think about the odds of being literally on the other side of the world on a small remote beach and having your office appear on TV. About a week into my beach retreat something wonderful happened again.

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